6 Savings Tips For Your Wedding

The fact is, you can have a great wedding that you’ll remember forever, without breaking the bank.

Let’s start out with your invitations. I’m sure your guests would love to get a cute invitation that was made by a few children in your family. You’ll save a lot, and your invitations will be memorable.

Next, where will your wedding take place? An easy way to have a nice wedding, while saving a pile of cash, is to search for low-cost places for your wedding. One of the best is to have your wedding outdoors. Pick a beautiful location that you don’t have to travel far to get to. Just be sure to plan for a time of year when you won’t get any bad weather. (Hint: Saturdays are popular and at a premium price. Consider having your wedding and reception on a different day of the week to save even more.)

For your rehearsal dinner, you can do that outside too. Either at a nice location, or host it at your home or at a relative’s property. Just spruce up the place with decorations and maybe some cool lighting, and you’re good to go.

And to make sure your wedding day festivities go as planned, the day can be managed by a friend or relative. For nice decorations, use locally available flowers, plants and even homemade table arrangements for that homey feel.

When the fun begins at your reception, think out of the box. Think of places where you would love to have your wedding reception, then find the lowest price option that both of you agree on. And instead of having a 6 hour party, with unlimited open bar, limit the reception to 3 hours and cut back on the bar bill.

Then for your honeymoon, save the “around the world” trip for later when you have built solid finances together. For now, pick a place you both have wanted to go, where you’ll get to relax and have a lot of fun alone. Without having to be concerned about a 5-figure travel bill later.

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