6 Scary Scams You Must Know About

Everywhere you turn you hear about scammers trying to get into your wallet.

It’s more important than ever to protect your private information.

Here are the top 6 scams to watch out for according to a recent report by Clark Howard.

1. IRS phone scam.

The Internal Revenue Service reported that IRS imposters are calling people, demanding immediate payment.

2. Microsoft Windows email update.

The scammers try to get you to click on the link to update to Windows 10…which by the way Microsoft does not send out via email. Clicking that link can enable scammers to hijack your computer, or worse.

3. Lottery scam.

You get a call from someone saying you won the lottery. Woo-hoo! But you have to think…when the person says you have to pay money or divulge sensitive financial information to claim the winnings. Don’t do it.

4. Public Wi-fi scam.

Scammers can easily steal your information on an unsecured network. If you use your smartphone, tablet or computer to pay bills, and store financial information, think before you login to a public network.

5. Facebook scams.

Facebook scams are everywhere. Some examples are “the privacy and subscription hoax,” the “photo notification scam” and the “dislike” button scam.

6. Fake FedEx tracking.

This scam prompts you to click on the link in the email to track a package. Nothing happens right away, but behind the scenes a virus is loaded onto your computer or smartphone.

So what’s the moral of this story? Always remember to be cautious when things look too good to be true. Or when an email from a stranger looks suspicious.

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