6 Tips For Dealing with Debt Collectors

6 Tips For Dealing with Debt CollectorsIf you’ve ever had to deal with debt collectors, you know how horrible an ordeal this can be. Today I have six tips for you, to help you deal with debt collectors…

1. Stay calm and deal with them head on. You should know that these guys are professionals when it comes to instilling fear in people to get you to take action.

2. Get it in writing. Within 5 days of contacting you, debt collectors are supposed to send you a written notice. Review it for any inaccuracies.

3. Dispute any errors you find within 30 days. Send a written notice to the debt collector saying you do not owe the money and they cannot contact you.

4. Keep records of all phone calls and messages. Store all of your notes in a file from your conversations with debt collectors.

5. Don’t say much and stand strong. Remember that these guys are bullies and will use any and all tactics to scare you, including using profanity and lies.

6. For more information on your specific issue, I recommend you visit ftc.gov. This site exists to protect America’s consumers. That’s you and me.

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