6 Tips for Saving Money This Fall


Fall is a beautiful time of year. Depending on where you are, the weather is fantastic, the beaches aren’t crowded and the seasonal winter tourists have yet to arrive.

To help keep fall amazing for your wallet here are 6 tips for saving money this fall:

#1:  Put a pause on your gym membership and go outside to workout.

If you regularly go to the gym to use their treadmill, try taking a real walk outside, where you’ll see your friends walking and the birds flying by. Another great benefit of walking or running outside is, it’s absolutely free.

#2:  Have a No-Spend Weekend each month until Christmas has passed.

If you can save $100-$200 in November and December, you might just have enough to cover the Christmas presents.

#3:  If you have to travel do it now.

Fall offers some of the best deals on airfare, hotels and activities. Fall can also be a great time to take personal trips to areas that are beautiful in the fall, like New England or the Southern US.

#4:  Skip the mall.

When you’re preparing to freshen your wardrobe with warm clothes for the winter… skip the mall and hit the thrift stores or yard sales. There you’ll find great deals on jackets, sweaters and other surprises.

#5:  Set a budget and track all of your expenses and income.

Be sure that you are spending less than you make each month. This tip is a good one to follow all year round. It’s especially important when the holidays are not far off, when most people increase the amount of money they spend.

#6:  Pay off your highest interest credit card.

Put as much of your extra income against your highest interest rate credit card each month. In no time at all you will see your balance on that credit card disappear. Just imagine having your highest interest debt being all paid off when spring arrives!

If you only apply half of these tips this fall, you stand to keep a lot of money in the bank.  Go one step further and use it to boost the balance in your Emergency Fund, so you are protected by life’s unexpected expenses.

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