7 Black Friday Cash-Saving Moves

If you are planning to brave the Black Friday shopping scene next week, here are 7 moves that will save you some cash:

1) It all starts with a plan and a budget. Take time to prepare your plan of attack before you leave the house. Without it you may get caught up in the hype and shopping frenzy.

2) Review Sunday’s Star Advertisers ad section or your local ad flyers. Here you will find specials, coupons and best times to shop. This year retailers are trying to get a jump on the holiday shopping season and some are opening doors early on Thursday.

3) Scan the social media accounts of the stores you plan to shop. You should always check their Facebook and Twitter posts, and also add Pinterest to your search.

4) Get on your favorite retailers email lists. Many of them will be sending special offers to your inbox.

5) Always know the return policies of the retailers you choose before going into the store.

6) If you don’t need it…don’t buy it! As simple as it may sound, it is very hard to do when you don’t have a budget and a plan. So before you start your holiday shopping, sit down and work out a budget that makes sense for you, and stick to it.

7) Be sure to save some of your cash for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday afterward.

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