7 Money-Saving Summer Travel Tips

It’s summertime, and your family wants to get out of the house and have some fun. If you’re thinking of heading out of town, here are 7 money-saving tips to remember:

Summer Travel Tip 1) Watch out for last-minute deals.

There’s nothing worse than planning a great trip to a cool destination for summer ahead of time. Then finding out months later that you could have saved on your room, flight and car. If you can be flexible with your plans, you stand to save a lot.

Summer Travel Tip 2) Set a budget before you start planning.

When you start looking at all the great trips you can take while the kids are out of school, you may consider high-priced trips you know you can’t afford. A better way is to set your budget first. Then you know which trips you can take, and which are not a smart idea.

Summer Travel Tip 3) Consider an “all-inclusive” option.

You know how easy it is to blow through your budget half-way through your vacation. Then you pull out the credit card when you see you’ll need more funds. When you consider a resort that is “all-inclusive” and is family friendly, you can live it up, knowing what you paid is all it’s going to cost you.

Summer Travel Tip 4) Travel to “low season” places.

Just because it’s summer, does not mean you can’t find a great place to go on a trip that is in it’s “low” tourist season. During summer, most warm-climate destinations will be cheaper than one where everyone else goes for summer vacation.

Summer Travel Tip 5) Don’t fly during peak times.

Did you know that flying on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday could save you so much money, you may even be able to use your savings to pay for your hotel? It’s true. Fly on or around weekends and you’ll pay top dollar, no matter where you’re going.

Summer Travel Tip 6) Have your summer trip at home.

If you live in Hawaii, have you been to any of the Neighbor Islands? They are beautiful, and a lot cheaper to travel to, compared to taking a trip to California, New York, Europe or Asia. Go somewhere local that you’ve never been, and it will still be a very enjoyable and educational trip.

Summer Travel Tip 7) Make lunch your biggest meal of the day.

Eating out for dinner while you’re on a trip can get really expensive, really fast. Smart travelers make lunch their biggest meal of the day, and save up to half of what they would have spent big dinners out every night.

When you think before you make your plans, and take some of these tips to heart, you can go on a fabulous trip with your family and still have money in the bank when you get home.

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