7 Places To Search for Scholarships

(Before Turning to Student Loans)

Did you know that student loan debt is currently at a whopping $1.2 Trillion? That is an 84% increase since the recession.

According to a report by Experian, there are 40 million people that have student loan debt.

So before you automatically start getting student loans, it’s smart to see if your young adult can qualify for a grant, or a partial or full scholarship.

Here are 7 places to search for scholarships, before turning to student loans:

Place #1: Your school’s college advisor.

Most high schools have a counselor that can help you locate grants and scholarships available in your area.

Place #2: Friends or family who have kids in college.

They might of gone through the process and can help shorten your search.

Place #3: Check with your employer.

Some companies offer scholarships to employees and their kids.

Place #4. Call the Colleges or Universities you are interested in.

These schools see the scholarship awards every year and is in their best interest to get you funding.

Place #5: Alumni networks.

At some Universities like Harvard they have an endowment for Hawaii residents.

Place #6: Ethnic scholarship opportunities.

When I went to college I got the Native Hawaiian Scholarship along with a Pell Grant that covered most of my schooling.

Place #7: Search for online scholarship resources.

Check out online resources like Scholarships.com, QuestBridge.org, FastWeb.com, ScholarshipAmerica.org, Zinch.com, Cappex.com and CollegeBoard.org.

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