7 Simple Tips To Save More Money Every Week

7-simple-tips-to-save-more-money-every-weekWhen most people think about saving money regularly, the thoughts that come to mind are “I don’t make enough to save.” “Saving is too hard.” “When I save, I just end up spending it on something else.”

You don’t have to cringe when you think about saving, when you use this easy to follow plan for putting more cash in the bank every week. While each of these steps are simple, when you use all 10 you’ll see how your savings can really add up:

Saving Tip #1 – Buy Local and Shop at the Farmers Market.

Not only can you save 25% each week off the cost of produce you buy from the big supermarket chains, shopping at local farmers markets will usually have fresher and more choices to choose from.

Saving Tip #2 – Pack a Lunch For Work Once a Week.

By packing your own lunch from home that you take to work once a week, you’ll easily save up to 75% of what you would pay for a lunch out. Plus, it will be higher quality and include the things you like the most.

Saving Tip #3 – Eat Dinner Out One Less Time Per Week.

The average cost of a dinner out for two is $40. By not eating dinner out once per week, you’re saving that $40, plus tip, and plus the gas to get there and back.

Saving Tip #4 – Stop One Habit You Do Now For Good.

Everyone has a daily routine, which includes habitual purchases of certain things. If you smoke cigarettes, go to Starbucks, drink Coke or buy anything else every day… just by eliminating one of these things from your daily habit permanently can easily save you $10 to $50 per week.

Saving Tip #5 – Know Your Needs vs. Your Wants.

There are some things we can’t live without, which you can call needs. Then there are many things we want, but don’t necessarily need. Make it a point to cut the number of wants you buy each week, and you could save a pile of cash at the end of the week. Before you buy something you want, take a moment and think… “Do I really need this?”

Saving Tip #6 – Eat Right and Exercise Regularly.

There are more people who are out of shape and have health issues than there are healthy, fit people. The cost of living for a healthy person is a fraction of what it costs an unhealthy person to control their high-blood pressure, go to the doctor often, have surgeries and have to pay for all the things that happen when your body “breaks down.”

Saving Tip #7 – Don’t Let Your Bank Take You To The Cleaners.

It’s bad enough so many people pay a mountain of interest charges and checking account fees to their banks. Many also incur late fees, bounced check fees and over-the-limit fees. Practice more responsible practices with your money, and you stand to save big bucks every week.

If you just try two or three of my suggestions, you’ll see more money staying in your pocket. Try all seven, plus add a few of your own ways to save, and you’ll really see your weekly savings pile up. Then you can put your savings in your savings account, where it belongs.

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