7 Spooky Money Mistakes to Avoid

Halloween is right around the corner.

Besides the ghost and goblins, what frightens you when it comes to managing your money?

Today I have the 7 Spookiest Money Mistakes to avoid.

See how many of these affect you and your family:

#1: Using Payday loans to get by.

You might think you are getting a treat with extra money in your pocket. But when it comes to Payday loans, you are really getting a trick. Because the average APR on Payday loans is over 300%. That’s scary!

#2: Not having a Will.

This mistake will make your whole family scared, if they ever found out. Take the simple steps to protect your possessions and your family. It’s a great way to show how much you love them.

#3: Refinancing again and again.

Too many people rely on refinancing to cover up their financial boo-boo’s. Many live the “re-fi” way of life, refinancing every time they’ve made another scary boo-boo. Well you’ll be in for another scare, when you realize how much extra interest you’re paying every time you refinance.

#4: No emergency fund.

Unexpected events and emergencies can be really scary. It’s usually those unexpected costs that can send chills up our spine. You can protect yourself from unexpected scares by simply committing to fill your Emergency Fund with enough cash to get you by for a full 6 months.

#5: Not pumping up your retirement plan.

Saving for many is super scary. But what’s even more scary is not contributing to your retirement fund on a consistent basis. You can either be prepared for your later years, or find an even scarier life waiting for you down the road.

#6: Carrying debt over time.

What’s scary about carrying debt for an extended period of time is the choice to not pay off your debt. Debt is one thing that will ruin your life if you let it. And give anyone nightmares about their future.

#7: Having your bank cover bad checks as a habit.

While some think it’s convenient, and no big thing to write checks when they don’t have cash in the bank, they are acting spooky. Because they are treating that service as their personal ATM when they don’t really have the cash. Not only do they have all the cash to pay back, there are super high, super scary fees that can add up quickly.

While these spooky mistakes sound simple, how many of them are you guilty of?

If you don’t like to be spooky with your money, great job!

If this sound like you, and you’re ready to fix all of your Spooky Money Mistakes, write this list down. Then make it a point to fix each one in the next month.

And make a promise to yourself that you’ll never be spooky with your money ever again.

If you do, your finances will automatically be 100% better than they were. And your future will look bright, not scary.

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