7 Tips For Avoiding Those Sneaky Hotel Fees

7 Tips For Avoiding Those Sneaky Hotel Fees

Hotels are becoming more like airlines every day, adding a bunch of fees that makes staying at most hotels super expensive.

Beside the resort fee, you may also get charged for early check in fees, cancellation fees, baggage storage fees, Wi-fi fees and parking fees.

Here are 7 tips to avoid those sneaky hotel fees:

Tip #1: Read the fine print before booking the room.

Tip #2: Sign up for hotel rewards programs, they typically offer their loyal customers free services.

Tip #3: Don’t store your snacks and drinks in the mini bar, they monitor usage in some hotels. You could get charged for items you already paid for on your own!

Tip #4. Go to the lobby to use the free Wi-fi. You may see others there with you, avoiding these fees, too.

Tip #5: Park off site. Look for street parking or search online for nearby parking that may be cheaper than the hotel parking fees, especially if you’re staying for multiple nights.

Tip #6: Check with your credit card to see if they will waive any of your hotel fees. American Express is usually the best at giving you extra savings and perks.

Tip #7: Skip the hotel and use services like Airbnb or VRBO.com. You could enjoy a much more comfortable stay that’s more like being at home, and the property owners typically don’t charge you extra for the extras.

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