7 Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home

If you’re in the market to sell your home, or just want to prepare it so when that day comes, you can get the most out of your investment, you’ll want to remember my 7 Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home…

Tip 1) Curb Appeal Speaks Volumes.

Any realtor will tell you, if you can make your home look like a million dollars when someone drives up, you’re on your way to increasing the value of your home. Just by adding some nice plants and maybe some decorative bricks or paver stones, you can have people thinking…”That’s the nicest house on the block.”

Tip 2) It’s Amazing What A Fresh Coat Of Paint Can Do.

While paint can protect your home for up to 10 years, it can get a bit weathered looking after just a few years in the hot sun, or after a few brutal winters. Hiring a quality contractor who uses premium paint can not only boost the value of your home, your house could become the star of the neighborhood.

Tip 3) How Old Does Your Kitchen Look?

Another focal point of a nice home is a well laid-out kitchen, with all the latest appliances and a comfortable kitchen living area. While buying all new appliances and cabinets is great, it’s a wonder what your kitchen could look like just by cleaning and refinishing what you have.

Tip 4) Are Your Floors ‘Old School’?

There used to be a time when shag carpeting was all the rage. Times have changed though. By tearing out old musty carpets, along with cheap linoleum flooring, and reflooring with today’s beautiful and low-maintenance hard wood and laminate wood floors, you stand to increase your home’s value significantly.

Tip 5) Insulation and Climate Control.

Gone are the days of having “window rattlers” to cool you, and dusty and dangerous heaters to keep you warm. Today’s electric and natural gas-powered climate control systems will keep you comfortable all year long. Plus, you’ll reduce your electric bill and add to your home’s value measurably by being more energy efficient.

Tip 6) Improve Your Indoor And Outdoor Lighting.

With the emergence of LED lighting at affordable prices, there’s no longer the need for high-wattage incandescent bulbs that give harsh light and generate heat. Plus, LED lighting can typically last up to 10 times longer, saving you the hassle and expense of replacing 20 light bulbs, 2 or 3 times a year.

Tip 7) Create a Beautiful Landscape For You And Your Neighbors.

Nothing improves a home’s appearance and value like a striking landscape. While it does take a few dollars to install and maintain a grand, lush landscape… this addition will make you feel better about your home every day. And make your neighbors and visitors jealous every time they drive by your home.

Some realtors estimate that by making the improvements you’ve read today, depending on the local real estate market, that your efforts could increase the value of your home as much as 25%.

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