7 Tips To Save Money On Gardening

Thinking about starting a garden, but you think you might not have the money to build one?

Follow these 7 cash-saving tips to get your garden started without draining your wallet:

Tip 1: Start with a plan. I suggest you gather ideas by doing a quick Google search for gardening ideas.

Tip 2: Get “good-enough” tools. There is no need to buy brand new tools. Check Craigslist instead, or hit up the swap meet and yard sales in your neighborhood.

Tip 3: Comparison shop. When looking for plants and trees, shop different nurseries as prices can be dramatically different depending on their specialization and location.

Tip 4: Buy only the amount of seeds you need to avoid wasted seeds when storing them for long periods of time.

Tip 5: Make your own compost. Use every day household items like egg shells, fruits, vegetables, grass clippings, shredded paper and leaves.

Tip 6: Try buying smaller plants instead of larger ones. Small plants are typically cheaper than fully grown plants.

Tip 7: Grow only what you will eat. After all of your hard work spent creating a garden… you can save a ton of money by eating what you grow.

Not only will you save on your garden preparations, you’ll save again when you get to eat all the goodness you grew yourself, for much less than you’d pay in stores for the same fruits and veggies.

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