7 Tips To Stop Holiday Food Waste

Did you know that Americans will waste more than 5 million tons of food between Thanksgiving and New Year? In fact, we will have 3 times more waste during the holidays than any other time of the year. Not only is this just bad in general, it affects our financial fitness.

Here are 7 tips to reduce waste and save money.

Tip #1. Have a solid plan of how many people you will be feeding and prepare accordingly. We never want to run out of food, but planning ahead can save you from wasting a lot of food.

Tip #2. Go small. Try using smaller plates and bowls. If your guest are hungry, they can always go back for seconds.

Tip #3. Encourage self-serve. Allow your guests to take what they want and the amount they would like for each dish. This will reduce the amount of wasted food per person.

Tip #4. Create your next few meals with the leftovers. Last year I made some ono chook for the very first time and it lasted a week.

Tip #5. Store your leftovers safely. Properly storing leftovers will ensure it will last. The US Department of Agriculture recommends that hot food be left out no longer than 2 hours.

Tip #6. Store leftovers in small, single serving containers for easy and quick access.

Tip #7. Donate your excess food. The local food banks are always in need of canned goods and supplies during the holiday season.

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