7 Ways to Create Your Dream Home

7 Ways to Create Your Dream Home

You shopped long and hard to find just the right home in just the right part of town. While you loved the location, you may have wanted to make a few improvements.

Here are my 7 best Dream Home tips for upgrading your home, while increasing its value at the same time:

1) Custom Wine Rack and Bar
If you like to entertain in your home, nothing is sure to turn heads like your own custom bar and built-in wine rack. This means no more having your guests going to the refrigerator full of leftover food, smelly cheese and vegetables that are two weeks old.

#2) Indoor and Outdoor Living
Many people enjoy spending time outside as much as they do inside. For some, this means living inside and outside all the time, with glass panel doors that open for easy access to the great outdoors and close when the weather is not so nice.

#3) Roll-Away Kitchen Cabinets
Sometimes it’s just you and your partner cooking in the kitchen. While you can just use your counter top when you have guests over for a larger party, your countertop space can quickly be used up. Now you can install roll-away sections that are cabinets with a countertop, which hides away under your main countertop.

#4) Mini Fridge for Above and Below
Do you have a multi-level home with floors above and a basement below? If so, you know how many times you have to travel up and down when you’re entertaining or just lounging around? Install a small mini-fridge upstairs and below, and what you need will always be just steps away.

#5) Do Something with Unused Space
Many homes have at least one area too small to do much with, yet big enough that it makes part of your home seem empty. A smart way to use extra space like this is to create a small playroom for the children, a small office or even small yet useful hidden sliding door closets for extra storage.

#6) Who Else Wants More Drawer Space?
For every set of cabinets you have in any room, whether in the bathrooms or the kitchen, there is always that wasted space between the cabinets and the floor. Smart homeowners turn this space into extra drawers that sure come in handy!

#7) Use the Space Under Your Stairs
Ever wonder what to do with that empty space under your stairs? Well creative homeowners use this space for all sorts of things, including a doggie apartment, a library for all their books, and even more cabinets and drawers.

While you’ll get to enjoy all the upgrades you make to your home, it makes financial sense to improve your property for when that day comes when you want to sell it and move someplace else. Most quality home improvements can give you a positive return on your investment when it comes time to sell.

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