7 Websites for Free Halloween Decorations

Can you believe Halloween is just two weeks away? If you are not ready and your budget is tight, these 7 websites can help you get your Halloween decorations for Free.

1. HGTV.com

HGTV.com has 41 free templates from party invitations to cute cupcake ideas. Get them at this link:


2. Spoonful.com

This site offers 225 printables and has just about everything you will need.


3. Lil Luna

This site sports over 40 free printables. With lots of new styles for 2014.


4. Better Homes and Garden

This site features some of their best decorations, from pumpkin stencils to Halloween games.


5. CatchMyParty.com

If you are having a kids party, this site is for you.


6. PartyBoxDesign.com

They have some very classy labels that are completely free for personal use.


7. MES English

If you want to turn Halloween into a teaching opportunity, turn to MES English. This site offers free flashcards and games to help with your Halloween time.


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