8 Money-Saving Pet Care Tips

Today I want to share 7 Tips that can save you money on caring for the members of your family with four legs, wings, or fins… your pets.

1. Choose less expensive generic brands when purchasing pet meds.

2. Shop online for food, medication and pet supplies. Sites like Amazon, PetEdge.com and Wag.com offer a wide variety of supplies, and even offer free shipping options.

3. Look for things you can buy in bulk to save some dough.

4. Check Craigslist, and you can find a ton of pet stuff really cheap or even free.

5. Consider doing a trade with people you know.

6. Make DIY treats and toys. What can you make for your pet that will be healthy, fun and save you money?

7. Do your own grooming and pet care at home. You can save a ton of money clipping your dog’s nails and trimming their hair.

8. Remember to always look for coupons before you go shopping for your pets, when you are at a store and when you’re shopping online.

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