A Marriage For Financial Fitness

Do you want to make more money? Most of us do… so we either take on a second job, go back to school to get a degree or work overtime.

But when it comes to pay raises, promotions or other measures of career success, selecting the right husband or wife may be the key… according to a new study by Washington University in St. Louis.

The study shows that it’s not just our personality that contributes to financial success, but the personality of our spouse, too.

The study found that the number one personality trait your spouse should have to increase work success is being conscientious.

This trait helps in three ways.

#1. When a working spouse can help with the day-to-day household chores.

#2 When a spouse adopts traits of a conscientious spouse, like diligence and reliability.

#3. When a spouse keeps your personal life running smoothly, reducing stress and making it easy to maintain a productive, enjoyable work-life balance.

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