A Simple Way To Invest In The Stock Market

A Simple Way To Invest In The Stock Market

Do you ever think about investing in stocks? Do you want to build a large retirement portfolio, but just don’t know what to do first, then next?

If so, here’s a simple investment technique that does not rely on you trying to do the impossible, time the market, which is difficult even for experienced investors to do.

It’s called Dollar Cost Averaging. Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you have $100 to invest on a monthly basis.

Using dollar cost averaging, you would set up your account to automatically buy $100 worth of an investment at the same time each month, regardless of the price of the shares.

When share prices are low you will end up buying more shares.

When share prices are high you will end up buying less shares.

The theory is, the average cost per share will be lower over time, which will increase your chances of making more money.

This approach allows you to build your investments, while not getting stressed out about the ongoing fluctuation in the value of stocks.

As with any investment, there is no guarantee that you will not lose money. However, by starting early, and consistently investing over time, the odds are in your favor to create a winning formula for your family’s financial fitness.

You can get started today with this plan. What makes it easy is that you only invest $100 per month. You also won’t have all the stress many experience by constantly watching what the market is doing on a day to day basis.

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