Addicted to Shopping?

Do you LOVE Groupon?

Do you shop when you’re stressed out?

Do you buy things you seem to never use?

Are you sucked in to “limited time” deals?

Do you wake up and start searching for good deals?

Do you search endlessly for deals and buy things when you’ve been drinking?

According to a “shopping addiction” psychiatrist, if this sounds like you, and you satisfy these cravings on Groupon…

You may be addicted to Groupon.

And the bad news is, an addiction to Groupon can lead to branching out and “abusing” Living Social, Google Offers, Amazon Local, Buy With Me and more “great deal” sites.

You know you’re really bad when you search and search, then you grab all the offers you can from different sites, only to hold them “until you need them.”

All because it could be a long time, or never, when these deals are offered again.

Then when they are offered again, (they always are 🙂 you have to buy them because the deals are just TOO good!

And when all of your saved deals are expiring around the same time, you go crazy trying to use them all. Which can cost you a mountain of cash, even though they are all “good deals.”

So how do you break the pattern of shopping and “Groupon Addiction?”

First, know that there is hope.

Next, I’d recommend you unsubscribe from Groupon. And all the other offending sites that send you good deals every day.

Then find a better way to deal with your stress that does not involve shopping and deal hunting. (Running, walking or working out is a much better alternative.)

And as far as the drunk shopping goes, less drinking and less shopping is always a good idea.

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