Alan Akina Interviewed By Matt Townsend

Hear My Latest Radio Interview

Recently Matt Townsend of BYU Radio asked me to do an interview on his radio show. To help his listeners get better at managing their finances.

So Matt and I sat down for 30 minutesĀ and talked about the most important ideas when it comes to managing money properly.

We talked about my book, “The Super Duper Simple Book on Money” and a lot more.

(You’ll even hear how to get a copy of my book absolutely free!)

He asked me to talk about my most powerful concepts for managing personal finances, and taking control of finances out of control.

So during this revealing interview, you’ll hear about:

What the most important “money number” to track is…

How to create a realistic budget and stick to it…

The biggest mistakes people make with money…

How a credit card can help you (really)…

The 5 basic money principles we all need to know…

The key to a solid financial foundation…

How “The Snowball Factor” can save your future…

And lots more.

Just click the button below to listen to my interview with Matt now.

And be sure to take lots of notes. What I share is very important stuff. That will help you and your family manage your money better, and avoid financial trouble.

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