April is Financial Literacy Month

President Obama named April “National Financial Literacy Month” for good reason.

Financial education can help all of us prevent another economic crisis, and improve the lives of everyone who participates.

By becoming financially literate, you can start…

– Living with financial peace of mind.
– Living an enjoyable debt-free life.
– Making wiser choices on all your purchases.
– Enjoying a positive cash flow.
– Boosting your credit score.
– Avoiding loans that are not in your best interest.
– Retiring on time and in style.

And much more.

A very important starting point is to not be afraid of your finances. It’s not rocket science! The major aspects of financial education include 4 simple to understand areas:

– Money In
– Money Out
– Money We Owe
– Money We Grow

As you know, being financially educated can be the difference between financial security and ruin for most of us.

So in honor of Financial Literacy Month, I would like to challenge you to improve your financial life, by taking action in one of the following 5 core areas this month:

1. Creating a budget and sticking to it.

2. Reading at least one financial book, covering the topics you are most interested in.

3. Finding ways to cut back on your expenses by 10% during “Financial Literacy Month.”

4. Increasing your take home pay by 10% this month.

5. Teaching a loved one about your area of focus, and helping them to do the same.

Remember that financial education is the first step to achieving financial peace of mind. So make sure you take your first step to living a better life this month.

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