Are You Overspending At The Dollar Store?

Are You Overspending At The Dollar StoreAre you a dollar store shopper? Do you think you are really saving money by shopping at the dollar store?

Most of us think we are because it’s “only a dollar.” While there are certain items that are super deals, there are 3 things to know to keep your mind on your money while shopping at the dollar store:

#1: Make a list and stick to it.

Just because you’re at the dollar does not mean we should fill up our carts. Overspending is easy to do when everything is 99 cents each. Here is what you should do, before you put anything in your cart. Ask yourself…”Is it on my list? And how many of these do I really need?”

#2: Cut coupons.

Dollar stores tend to mail out coupons as a major part of their advertising to get you in the store. Take advantage of this.

#3: Go online to the store’s website.

Before going to the dollar store, go their website to look for additional savings, coupons and offers. I went to a website for a dollar store, and found a $5 off coupon, and a 20% off your entire purchase coupon for teachers.

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