Are You Paying It Forward?

It’s no secret, that some things happen because of causes we can’t see. No matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs, there is a power greater than ourselves, that affects our lives every day.

An important example of this is the idea of “Paying It Forward.”

The idea behind Paying It Forward is based on living and acting with good intent. Doing good, and helping others. With no expectation of getting anything in return for your actions. Just doing good as a normal part of your life, for the sake of doing good.

When you approach living like this, an interesting thing happens. You actually do get something in return in your life.

A healthy, happy life. Perhaps finding a way to finally achieve your goals in life. Even experiencing what some people call “good luck.”

Basically, when you do good for others first, you end up receiving more blessings in your life. So by enriching other’s lives, your life is enriched. It’s an awesome part of life, and being a part of the family of all people.

Today I want you to ask yourself an important question, and really think about it.

“Are YOU Paying It Forward regularly in your life?”

Two great ways you can Pay It Forward often, are by helping others, and giving.

Helping others, to make their lives better, lending a helping hand to those who need a lift up…

And giving financially to people in need, to your friends who need some help… and supporting organizations who are helping people. Organizations that are making a difference in people’s lives, and in the world.

Now, I want you to make a promise this week. A promise to me and to yourself.

That you will start thinking of ways to Pay It Forward. And that you’ll go and Pay It Forward this week, the next week, and every week.

You’ll feel awesome the instant you do. And others will benefit from, and be grateful for, your generosity.

And remember, don’t expect anything in return. But also remember, that the way blessings work, when you give, you shall receive, in some way that enriches your life.

So here’s an easy way to break the ice, to get you started Paying It Forward right now.

Do you know anyone who is having trouble in life, because their finances are a mess? Do you have family or friends who just can’t seem to get ahead, no matter what they do?

This is your chance to Pay It Forward, today.

Just go back to the Your Financial Fitness newsletter you received today in your email. Then use the social buttons to your right to share this valuable resource with the people you care about, whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter.

Then hit “Forward” (as in Pay It Forward)… and forward Your Financial Fitness to everyone you know who could use some good advice about their finances.

You’ll be helping them become financially literate. And you’ll be Paying It Forward.

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