Buy Experiences Not Things

Are you in planning mode for your summer vacation, activities and travel? Well it could be a difficult task to find ways to have fun, while staying within your budget.

I know I may seem like Mr. Scrooge most of the time with all of my cost-cutting and budgeting tips. But I do have one thing that I enjoy spending money on. This is the secret to having balance with your finances and your life.


Spending money on experiences will make you happier than spending money on things. Things get broken and go out of style. And after just a few months after buying a big thing, the excitement goes away fast.

Experiences are much more enriching to your life than things. And you can relive them every time you talk about them and look through photos of your adventures.

Plus, when you choose to buy experiences with your family, you’re making one of the BEST investments you will ever make. You’ll expand their view of the world, or even the state where you live. And you are sure to meet great people you’ve never met, and see things you’ve never seen.

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