Can You Really Make More Money By Sleeping Longer

Can You Really Make More Money By Sleeping Longer

Have you ever heard the term “money doesn’t sleep” or “I’m wasting time sleeping?”

Well you are going to love this. What if you could actually make more money, by sleeping longer? According to research, you can.

Researchers have shown that those who sleep more, make more money, and have better career paths.

In a new study by economist Matthew Gibson and Jeffrey Shrader, they examined the correlation between a worker’s productivity and the amount of time they spent sleeping.

Here is what they found:

A one hour increase in average weekly sleep can increase your wages by 1.5% in the short term, and 4.9% in the long term.

These researchers also found that a one hour increase per night can increase wages by a whopping 16%.

Would you like to earn more just be sleeping more?

Here are 5 Tips for getting more sleep:

Tip 1) Set up a routine.

Go to bed the same time each night.

Tip 2) Forget the snooze button.

Instead, set your alarm for the exact time you need to get up, then get up when your alarm sounds.

Tip 3) Exercise regularly.

The more you exercise, the easier and faster that you’ll fall asleep.

Tip 4) Keep your room dark and cool.

This will let you relax and sleep deeper. Have you ever tried to sleep in a hot room with the lights on? You’ll never get a good night sleep.

Tip 5) No computers before bed.

Avoid getting on a computer or your cell phone before bedtime. Studies show that the light and radiation that come off a phone, tablet or computer display can effect your quality of sleep.

The moral of this story? Always remember, it pays to sleep.

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