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Success Story of the Week – Krystle Silva

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

I am a mother of three incredible children and wife to a wonderful husband. Over the past years, I have gone through a series of significant life changes, each impacting my finances in a negative way.

From moving to the east coast of the US, then to the Midwest and even back to Hawaii, my financial situation became a burden. We were living paycheck to paycheck, sometimes with a negative balance. All of this contributed to heavy debt and stress.

At the time, that was my life, that was my normal. Then I made a change that cascaded toward what I can now feel is my financial freedom.

My husband and I started the journey with consumer debt of $60K, along with newly purchased homes in the states of Arizona and Hawaii. During that time, we had an 800+ credit score and a decent combined income, where we could still live comfortably to support our family.

When the economy crashed in 2010 our life shifted with loss of income. We started to drown in our bills. We couldn’t pay our mortgage for 10 months and our car got repossessed. After consulting with those who have experience in chapter 7 bankruptcy, we decided to file. It was hope to give us a fresh start and pull ourselves up from the bottom.

In 2015, I told myself, “with every New Year comes a New Year resolution”, so I was ready to make another change. A friend of mine told me about a program called 101 Financial. The presentation piqued my interest, and I was referred to an instructor from the program. I was in awe with how the program could save my life. I was eager to get started and learn more about it.

After getting started with my 101 Instructor, we frequently met over the next few weeks. We monitored my progress as I began to witness my cash flow strengthening leaving the negative.

In March 2015 my husband lost his job with the government and we were down by one income. Three months into my progress, the 99 Financial Program helped me create a solid foundation for my finances, but I was concerned that I would not be able to move to the next step and graduate to the 101 Financial System. I became discouraged and lost track with my finances, but continued to keep myself grounded with the 99 Program in the back of mind.

I continued to budget properly, paying off 2 credit cards with a total balance of $3K. I structured myself, finding ways to save money to build my credit and savings. I had learned to control my finances despite my husband losing his job.

I was now ready for the 101 Financial System. During my first class with my instructor, she introduced me to the powerful tool of accelerated payments. I was able to pay $4,000 to a personal loan in 2 weeks, then I paid off the remainder of the loan of $8,000.

In January 2016, we paid off another $8,000 personal loan. We were in awe of how fast we slammed our debt! The 101 Financial System has been such a blessing to Ken and I. We have never felt so empowered to take control of our finances.

I am so excited that we are now sitting in the driver seat and bringing our dreams to reality. My husband is able to stay focused on our business and expanding it to another level. This is just the beginning for us. It’s time to leave the past behind. Thank you Alan Akina.

– Krystle Silva


Success Story of the Week – Melissa

Monday, February 15th, 2016

“I was invited more than five years ago to come to a 101 Financial presentation, but my pride kept getting in the way. I always thought that I didn’t need anyone telling me how to pay my bills since I was such an expert at it anyway.

Even with the multitude of different creditors I had, I could tell you how much I owed, what the minimum payment was & when it was due. Sadly, that was the extent of my knowledge, that had me in a whirlpool of debt that I couldn’t get out of for many, many years.

As I was drowning in my sea of debt, not seeing a way out, I asked God for help. I promised that I would follow if He led the way. He sent help via a phone call out of the blue from Rochelle [my instructor] inviting me to a presentation. I went without reservation knowing that I couldn’t be in a worse place than where I was.

During the presentation I started to see the light that they were shining, and a way to guide me out of my mess. I immediately signed up after the meeting. I started the 101 Financial System in June and owed eleven creditors. It’s now September and I’m down to three!

When they initially did my financial forecast, if I continued the conventional way I was doing things, I would pay off my debt in about 15-20 years. Being on the 101 Financial System, they estimated about 16 months.

Seeing the success of being on their program for only three months, and what it has done so far, my life has changed dramatically.

I can now breathe easier, and actually have goals that I know are actually attainable. My life is even sweeter not being in that whirlpool of debt. The knowledge gained through 101 Financial is priceless. Thank you Rochelle & 101 Financial!”

— Melissa, from Maui


Success Story of the Week – The Locke’s

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

My cousin Celeste Mollena introduced 101 to me and my family. I was skeptical at first to join, but she was persistent, and had all of my family on the program.

I didn’t think this was for me, and it was not until I racked up a $60,000 plus wedding bill and started using 101 the way it should be used, that I became a believer.

Thanks to 101, my husband and I were able to pay off our wedding debt in roughly two years. We were also able to renovate one of our rental properties to a tune of $15,000 shortly thereafter.

Recently, we purchased our third home and paid off our car loan completely.

We undeniably have 101 Financial to thank. 101 has given us peace of mind and allowed us to live our lives to the fullest.

– Tanisha and Philip Locke

Success Story of the Week – The Abes

Monday, February 1st, 2016

As a couple, we were always okay with our finances. We thought we could take on more financial obligations such as an apartment. But life happens and it started to storm on us. We had a specific plan to help us financially float, and when it did not work out, we were too busy trying to keep afloat.

Our credit scores started to drop, we were defaulting on our bills, and we were soon living pay check to pay check. It really hit us when we tried applying for a house, and the mortgage lender took a look at our finances and told us that we would die with debt and could never get a house.

We started to give up on our dreams.

My friend brought me to a 101 Financial presentation to support her because she was interested. Little did I know that this would be the answer to our prayers.

After listening to the presentation, I thought I had nothing more to lose. Our first class was an eye-opener because we saw we had a $1000 negative cash flow every month.

We really had to work hard in our 99 Financial class and we did – we sacrificed a lot. We took a look at what we could sacrifice temporarily and we did – we really reorganized our life.

By the next two classes, we went from a $1000 negative to a $300 positive cash flow. It took us 4 months to prepare for 101, but we were motivated to keep going. During our first class in 101, we were able to pay off 7 credit cards. Our credit scores jumped up approximately 100 points.

This February will be our 2 year anniversary with 101 Financial, and we paid off half of our debt – $60,000. We were able to expand our family, get a new vehicle, and finally breathe easy. Our plan is to pay off everything by the end of the year and prepare for buying our very own house.

Our Lessons Learned: Even when it storms, it is about learning how to dance in the rain. I did not know what peace of mind meant until we joined 101 Financial. People have said that the result of your today is a decision you made 1 year ago.

Today, we are happy, we are supported, and we have financial peace of mind because we joined 101. Thank you to Alan for this awesome way of banking, for Team WIN for their support, and especially to our instructors, Grace & John Corpuz, for giving us hope and helping us to believe in ourselves again.

– Federico & Katrina Abes


Success Story of the Week – Brittney White

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Working as a waitress from the age of sixteen, I never really struggled with having money. I had cash-on-hand at all times. I was in the mindset that if I had spent my money the night before, I’d just go back to work and make it all back.

It sounds nice, but it wasn’t the best way to learn how to spend my money. This habit had time to grow and stick for almost ten years. In the process of waitressing, I went to school, taking out loans as needed, and accruing credit card debt along the way. I learned the joys of minimum payments and ignoring large balances.

After graduating from college, I promised myself that once I landed a job as a nurse, I’d stop spending frivolously and would take hold of my finances, focusing on eliminating my debt.

More so, when I became pregnant with my son, becoming financially sound was now a priority. So, I got my job as a nurse, but didn’t know where to start. I looked at all my debt and felt defeated because I had no idea where to start.

Step in: My Mom, a new student to 101 Financial.

Fast-forward a week later to Krissy Moore, 101 Instructor and godsend. Within my first hour with her, she had explained 101 Financial in the best way that made it easy for me to understand,

And (most importantly) had me pay off an entire credit card. I had heard high praises from my Mom about this program, but didn’t know it would start working so quickly.

At the end of my first session/lesson with Krissy, I had a newfound knowledge of handling my finances and a plan to pay down ANOTHER credit card and a personal loan within the next two to three months. Amazing!

Within the past year, I have improved my credit score, learned about budgeting my money, and paid off large amounts of debt.

Krissy and I are currently looking forward to tackling my school loans… a debt I swore I would have until the end of time.

I am able to send my son to pre-school, pay my bills on-time, plan vacations, and have money to spare. I do not exaggerate when I say that I tell EVERYONE that they need the 101 Financial System in their life.

I cannot express how dramatically my stress-level has decreased, and the level of comfort I am at with my finances.

101 Financial and Krissy are a gift, and I am so glad that they stepped into my life when they did. Krissy and I continue to pay-off my debt and plan for the future. I am working on purchasing a new car in May 2016, as a 30th birthday present to myself, and hope to eventually look at the prospects of purchasing a home.

I look forward to the road ahead and am so happy that I have my amazing 101 Instructor, Krissy, at my side.

– Brittney White


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Success Story of the Week – The Sagun-Apilado’s

Monday, January 18th, 2016

We started 101 Financial in April of 2015 after living paycheck to paycheck for the last 2 decades.

During this time my wife Danielle was in the middle of going back to school full time and was nervous about putting our family in a position of losing one income.

Within 2 months of starting the 101 Financial System, we were able to eliminate over $18,000 of debt and were able to zero out our LOC.

While Danielle and I continued to finish up school, we were also able to pay off 2 of our cars.

Within 5 short months my credit score went from 630 to 720.

We are experiencing Financial Peace of Mind and are excited for 2016!

– Dennis and Danielle Sagun-Apilado

101 Success Story of the Week – The Ruiz’s

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Back in 2009 when we first started dating, my husband and I heard about 101 Financial through my cousin, Jina. Boy, we wish we had started back then!

When 101 was first introduced to us, we thought it wasn’t for us. We were skeptical. We thought it was a scheme.

Then Ana our cousin-in-law told us to attend a seminar and it opened up our minds. After that, I think what helped the most was when we heard testimonials from our own family members, especially my mom who was already on the 101 Financial System. It made us become more trusting.

Sadly, what really gave us the biggest push was when we had to purchase another car because we had gotten into our first car accident and totaled our only mode of transportation. We were lucky that we were all safe and walked away without a scratch.

So we had to purchase a bigger and safer vehicle. We did so without the experience of buying a vehicle. We soon discovered we needed a better way of managing our money, building our credit and eliminating debt.

Going back 6 months ago we were about to start our first 99 Financial class. We had to postpone the meeting with Ana for a week because we honestly could not afford the $199 tuition! As soon as we began, our eyes and minds opened up and started learning the process of how to manage and budget our money and learned about “cash flow.”

From then on, we were truly excited for what we both could do to help ourselves and provide for our three children. It impacted our relationship as well because there were fewer arguments about money between my husband and I.

So, about 2 weeks ago we able to graduate to the 101 Financial System and were able to pay off 4 of our debts.
We are so happy with how far we have come.

We are thankful every day. We will continue to work hard at our program so we can be debt free by next spring, and work on our future goals. It is definitely something we want to pass on to our children. Thank you Alan, Jina and Ana and 101 Financial.

– Shelly and Abe Ruiz

Success Story of the Week – The Razon’s

Monday, January 4th, 2016

The day we joined 101 Financial was the day our lives changed for the better.

Prior to using the 101 Financial System, my wife (girlfriend at the time) Vanessa and I were both working full-time jobs but seeing differently when it came to finances. After 40-hour work weeks, she would be doing well financially after paying for debts; however, for myself, I would constantly be struggling as I would only have $50-$100 after paying debt to last me until my next paycheck.

It was during this stressful time when we were introduced to 101 Financial by two of our close friends, Anthony and Hajel Sabog. It came up casually in a conversation we had while eating lunch in a food court.

Given the opportunity to improve our financial situation, I discussed the idea of joining 101 Financial with Vanessa. She was skeptical at first, but decided that we should try it, as she saw I was constantly struggling and stressing over finances.

After our first class, we quickly learned that joining 101 Financial was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Within our first month of using the 101 Financial System, we eliminated the debt we owed for one personal loan, two credit cards, and one student loan. In total, we eliminated $20,000 worth of debt in that first month. Our plans afterward were to work towards eliminating the debt Vanessa owed on her last two student loans.

However, our plans quickly changed when, with the help of Tony and Hajel, I was able to purchase an engagement ring and propose to Vanessa in July of 2014 at Disney World. From there, our plans changed from eliminating debt to planning for our wedding in August 2015. However, that was not the only change we planned for. In August of 2014, I also entered my final semester of college where I would be student teaching full-time in order to complete my Bachelor’s of Education program.

In order to focus on my education and better position myself for a teaching position after graduation, I decided to resign from my position as an Operations Supervisor at the Navy Exchange. During the span of August to January, I was essentially unemployed and only Vanessa was bringing in income for the both of us.

Normally, this would be financially stressful, but by using the 101 Financial System, we were able to plan for this time in advance and saw that we could make it through those months on only one income. In addition, our wedding planning continued uninterrupted and we were able to secure our major vendors and venues without stressing financially.

Fast forward to the start of 2015 when Vanessa and I both started new careers and our wedding planning and financial situations were back on track. Our $60,000 wedding in August was essentially paid in full two months before our wedding day, allowing us to enjoy that once-in-a-lifetime event without having to worry about the debt that would normally follow.

In addition, after looking over our finances, we were also able to sneak in a last minute trip to Disneyland in June before our wedding, as well as pay off our honeymoon in Greece. Both of which were paid off by August.

Looking forward, we plan on continuing to use the 101 Financial system to eliminate the remainder of our debt as we are planning to start a family. In addition to starting a family, we are also looking forward to taking the steps towards becoming first time homeowners.

Never had we ever dreamed that this would be possible for either of us. We went from disagreeing about finances and stressing about making it from paycheck to paycheck, to successfully planning a $60,000 wedding. In addition, we have also been able to take the time to enjoy life and see the world around us.

We were extremely blessed to become a part of the 101 Financial ohana who provided us with the financial education that has helped us make our dreams reality.”

– Sherwin and Vanessa Razon


Success Story of the Week – The Shepard’s

Monday, December 28th, 2015

“If someone had told us a year ago that we would be able to cut the amount of debt we had in half, and within one month’s time, we probably would have scoffed in disbelief and said, “Yeah right.”

Because, you see, a year ago we thought we had our finances under control. Our bills were always paid on time, we knew exactly which pay check was going to pay which bill, and how much we’d have left to buy food and household necessities.

But there was never anything left over after that, never enough to put anything away in our savings.

Then we thought we hit a low point. I remember loading our four boys into our van, trying to act excited to go to the recycling center. Acting as if returning bottles and cans was an adventure, when all the while, my heart was breaking as I prayed that our recycling money would be enough to buy a gallon of milk for our 15 month old baby.

Then we really did hit a low point. In May, Robert received confirmation that his position at a high-end resort was going to be outsourced… he was going to lose his job. We panicked, became stressed, and it unfortunately put a big strain on our marriage.

Imagine how much we were struggling BEFORE he was laid off. We simply didn’t know how we were going to make it AFTER he was laid off. But as the saying goes, “When one door closes, another door opens”, and our open door came in the form of 101 Financial.

I heard about the program through a co-worker, and without ever having been to a workshop, we were ready to sign up. We completed the financial analysis online, and the very next day, we received an email from Rochelle. She then passed along our info to Duke and Jean Sevilla, and before we knew it, they became our instructors and we were signed up for the 99 Financial Program.

That was back in July of this year, and by August we had graduated to the 101 Financial System. Within one month of being 101 Financial students, we were able to pay off not just one, but two credit cards, and a car loan! That’s three out of six of our debts, gone within one month!

Remember in the beginning of our story when I said if someone had approached us a year ago and said we would be able to cut the amount of debt we had in half within one month’s time?

Well not only has it become a reality, but we were able to make that happen on just one full-time income and Robert’s unemployment income.

The 101 Financial System really does work. It has been a Blessing to us and our family. We are so proud to be a part of it.”

– Robert and Angela-Marie Shepard

Success Story of the Week – The Ah Quin’s

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Success Story of the Week – The Patao’s

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

“Austin and I started 101 around July 2014. We were introduced to the program by Austin’s dad Roger. Like any other couple living in Hawaii we had bills & debt. We had a total of about $25,000.00 in debt, a car loan, personal loans & credit cards.

Austin was the only one working full time, and working a lot of overtime just for us to make it. When we started I did not have a job, so we really relied on Austin’s income.

It wasn’t until a few months later right before we became students of 101 that I was blessed with a full time job working from home. Which was so good because I didn’t have to pay for gas anymore!

When we started the 99 Program it taught us how to save & plan ahead for the things we want or needed. We learned that we wasted so much money paying extra every month for our car loan or personal loans. We saw how much the banks take for themselves with the interest. It has truly opened our eyes to where our hard earned money was going.

It took some frustration towards each other that actually helped us come together and understand each other on a financial level. We thought we were doing fine with the banking they teach us in school or the knowledge we would pick up from our parents. But boy were we wrong.

In November we graduated to the 101 Financial System, totally skipped the 100 Program, and went straight to 101. That’s how good the program is.

On November 12, 2014 we were proud to say that we owned our SUV free and clear! How great is that? Since then we’ve kept on track with the 101 System and were able to payoff our credit card and a personal loan.

We knew 101 was already a great program and had no doubt about it. In May 2015 we got the honor of meeting CEO of 101 Financial Alan Akina at a seminar in Maui. After hearing him tell his story and where he came from, and to see how far he has come was such an eye opener, it made us want to go and tell all our friends and family that night.

Austin and I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Alan after his seminar. And since that night we have become 101 instructors and are on our way to helping more families! Everyone in this program truly cares about you and wants to help you better yourself like family would.”

– Austin & Sierra Duarte

Success Story of the Week – Corinne Mizuno

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

“I have always considered myself to be disciplined in the way I managed my money. I have a personal loan and a parent education loan in which I have faithfully been making timely monthly payments for.

Despite these loans, although I was able to still live within my means and afford things to support my lifestyle, the thought of having these loans hanging over my head everyday made me very uneasy and uncomfortable.

I first heard about 101 Financial from a very good friend of mine. I have to admit that initially I was very skeptical about the program. I went online and read about the program and started to read a bunch of the testimonials. Wow it all sounded amazing!

First thought was ‘how in the world can something like this be done, and is this for real?’

After about a month of contemplation I told myself why not check it out, I have nothing to lose. So I went back to reading the testimonials and kept seeing an instructor name (Ana Magarin) from Maui that kept appearing over and over with such great comments about her. I said to myself I want her as my instructor if I decide to enroll in this program.

I contacted 101 Financial and asked if I could be in contact with Ana Magarin and set up an appointment. Within a couple days Ana contacted me and she has been with me every step of the way since then.

Since June 2015 my life and financial situation has changed. About three months into the system, I was able to pay off my $9K personal loan, something that would have took me 4 years to do.

I was totally blown away at how something like this could be done! I am now ready to tackle my Parent Education Loan and I am super excited!

Imagine doing all of this without drastically changing your lifestyle, just changing the way you bank. I am now projected to pay off my Parent Loan in just 2 years instead of 20 years. Good things are about to happen!

Ana Magarin and 101 Financial (Alan Akina) have been such a blessing and inspiration to me. Ana is the BEST!! She is the perfect instructor. She is always so detail oriented and her follow up is AWESOME! Thank you Ana, I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you both for providing me with a great opportunity!”

– Corinne Mizuno

Success Story of the Week – The Mitchell’s

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Peace of mind, weight off our shoulders, can’t stop smiling, big sigh of relief! I could go on and on. From living day by day, paycheck to paycheck we didn’t know a better way until we attended our first 101 workshop.

Just that morning we got the news that my husband, Bobby, was laid off. With high hopes & fingers crossed we opened our ears (and minds) to learn more about 101. Through client stories & Corey’s presentation, we were eager to learn.

By July 7th we managed to eliminate $7450.00 in debt. July 20th another $7850.00 in debt eliminated. What a blessing it has been. The journey to financial peace of mind has never been so close. At a time where Bobby & I would be stressing over bills… we are facing a reality of being debt free instead.

As we progressed through the 101 System, sharing became a big part of it too. In fact, our introduction to 101 happened around the dining table & look at us now.

Our instructors cared enough to share 101 with us that it was only right for us to share 101 with our family & friends too. We are now living the 101 life.

Bobby is still on unemployment & yet we are living with huge piece of mind, a big weight off our shoulders, can’t stop smiling, big sigh of relief! That will go on and on and on.

– Lesley & Bobby Mitchell

Success Story of the Week – Shanah-lee Wehrsig

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

My story & blessing to share…

My husband Neil and I have been with 101 Financial for little over one year. When we were introduced to 101 Financial by my sister Shantell, I was so stressed and not in the mood to hear about another way to sell something to make more money.

She said she didn’t even know much about 101 Financial but was going to learn more that Sunday at a free seminar at a mutual friend’s house, so she invited me to come.

In the meantime we both Googled 101 Financial, checked BBB, and also Googled Alan Akina the president. We figured anything good or bad will be on the internet. We only found positive feedback, which was very uplifting considering so much negative going around me at that time.

I had just been told that my hours were going to be cut back, which meant now we were going to be short about $500.00. I applied for a consolidation loan at my credit union earlier that day, and got a call that afternoon saying I was approved and I just needed to come in and sign papers. It was a Friday, and I could’ve went in easily, it’s the next street over from where I worked, but I asked if I could come in on Monday instead to sign papers, and she said sure no problem.

It’s funny how things work out, there must have been a reason why I decided not to go, because that night is when I heard about 101 Financial.

So I went to the seminar on Sunday, and my husband a few days later came with me to see the presentation along with our free financial analysis results. It blew us away.

It was hard for me, because I seriously thought we were doing fine, and I was the queen of budgeting. To see it all in black & white in writing, all of our consumer debt, was hard! It made sense though, which explained why we work hard, get paid good, pay our bills, provide the best for our family, but never seem to be able to move ahead.

That was the biggest and most frustrating for us. Because we want to be here in Hawaii and raise our children here. When it was presented to us that we could pay off all of our debt in a little over 4 years with a plan, a road map, a guide, and support of people we knew, it only made sense to go ahead & move forward. Because the way we were doing it was not moving us forward.

In the first few months we paid off 3 credit cards, and little over $10,000.00 of debt! The 101 System has helped us set goals financially, and personally. Since we have all of our finances together now, it sure does make it a lot easier to track and keep each other accountable.

We have a pretty consistent ritual, I call it our 101 Sunday Date. We go over our calendar, our projections, our financials, and what’s going on for that upcoming week.

It’s really been a blessing in our marriage. My husband talks to me more, and opens up more about a lot of things. I am learning to be a better listener, and that makes a big difference as well. We are not stressed out, and we see the results financially and personally. Overall it’s been the best thing for us!

Another hardship came our way this past March. I got laid off, and lost my job. I did not see it coming, at all! I was told not to worry, that I was secured with my job. It was more devastating personally for me, because I had been there 9 years and they were like my 2nd family.

This was the true test of our 101 Financial personal system. Let me tell you this, Neil and I kept up with being more aware of our expenses, and kept up with our 101 System. We didn’t feel a damper or a ding in our living day to day.

We were still able to pay all our bills, rent, food, and necessities for our family. Our children don’t know the difference, just that mommy is home now after school, and that’s been great!

Currently we have paid off around $20K, and all this with me being laid off. Yes we probably would’ve been able to pay off more debt, but to know we can pay all of our monthly bills & expenses, and still pay a little debt, that blows my mind away.

What really makes me happy is that my husband and I are even stronger today, and our children look at us with their eyes and I see their happiness! We are so blessed to have the support of our 101 family. Where I thought I lost a lot with my 2nd family from my job; I gained so many wonderful, supporting, encouraging, forever family & friends with 101 Financial!

Mahalo Nui Loa from the Bottom of my Heart.

– Shanah-lee Wehrsig

Success Story of the Week – The Curammeng’s

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

101 Financial is a Godsend for our family and I’m sure many others share the same sentiment. The program has made my husband and me more aware of our spending habits and it forced us to take a closer look at our mounting debt.

The 101 Financial System has taught us how to create our financial goals, which gave us something to work towards and to look forward to. The knowledge gained from 101 Financial has empowered us to take control of our finances.

We have paid down thousands of dollars worth of debt. We no longer have outstanding balances on multiple credit cards. Now, we only use two credit cards and the statement balance is paid off in full each month. We could never have done that in the past. It is such a wonderful feeling.

The best gift that the 101 Financial System has given us is financial peace of mind. The peace of mind comes from knowing that someday all of our children will learn the 101 way, and they will be able to handle their own finances in a responsible way.

Our daughter, who is the eldest child, is on the 101 Financial System. To see the stress lifted from her face and see her happy, because she knows that she will be debt free in the near future, is the best feeling a parent can have!

It is especially critical in these economic times to get out of debt, and fast. The knowledge that 101 Financial offers could not have come at a better time.

We would like to thank Alan Akina for creating the 101 Financial System. Alan, we want to thank you for your kindness in sharing this much-needed skill with the people of Hawaii. May God bless you and the 101 Financial Ohana, and may HE continue to guide you in helping our Hawaii families.

– Janice and Duane Curammeng

Success Story of the Week – Piilani Augustiro

Monday, November 9th, 2015

We were living with my husband’s parents, and constantly dipping into our savings until that depleted. In 2009, when we found out we were expecting our Son, we both decided to make the move into our own home. Although my husband was very scared and wasn’t sure if that was a good move, we did it.

We struggled to make ends meet, and every month it felt like we were right back where we started. We were now living paycheck to paycheck, and the needs of growing teenagers started to come. My girls were starting to get into sports and traveling every weekend, and before we knew it, times were hard!

I heard about 101 Financial about 10 years ago, when one of my friends came over and introduced it to us. At that time, my credit was shot.

In January of this year, both my husband and I knew that we needed to do something to get a hold of our finances. We knew in about a year’s time, our oldest would be graduating from High School, and had plans to go to college. We also knew that shortly after that, our 2nd daughter would be graduating, and also had plans to go to college, and then the 3rd would be coming up without giving us a break, or a way to replenish our funds.

We already knew we didn’t want to find another job, especially with our 5-year-old, and having to keep up with his demands as well. I made a commitment to do what I needed to do, to ensure that my girls will have the opportunity to further their education, and go to college.

In May, I reached out on Facebook to ANYONE who wanted to help me, learn and join the 101 Financial Program. Randy Villanueva contacted me, and after a few minutes of talking to him, I felt a burden lift off my shoulders.

I knew, this is what I needed. I was also very grateful to have heard that 101 Financial had other programs like 99 Financial, that would help me reach my goal of joining 101.

On June 4, I did the best thing I could have done for me, for my husband and for our family! I joined the 99 Financial Program, and the 101 Financial Family! Immediately, I was able to take back control of my finances. I faithfully did my roadmap and calendars, and always knew where I was headed.

At the end of the first month, I already had money sitting in my checking account, ready for the next month. Usually, I was at the end of my rope before the next month comes rolling in, praying that I’d have a little left over before the new month began.

July came, and I did the same thing, I did my roadmap, and followed it faithfully, at the end of that month, I had doubled what I had left at the end of the first month.

Being a part of this program has given me peace of mind, more happiness, more freedom financially, and has helped me to always be aware and be in control of my financial situation. Seeing the accomplishments over the months has given my husband hope, and for him, that’s a lot!

Mahalo Alan Akina, Randy Villanueva and the rest of the 101 Financial Family!

– Piilani Augustiro

Success Story of the Week – Uilani Tevaga

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Success Story of the Week – Angela and Chris Delacruz

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Success Story of the Week – Ikaika and Ipo

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Success Story of the Week – Nichole Inouye-Nohara

Monday, October 5th, 2015

“I am a wife and a mother of two wonderful boys. Our story started back in 2006. I came out of college with a lot of debt. Enrolled on the 101 System and I paid off my debt, then I married into debt. Paid his debt off and that’s when our roller coaster ride started.

We had our first child in May 2010 and he was born early so he was my $10,000 baby due to all the medical bills we had for him. At that time some of our family members needed some help, so we helped. We remodeled my grandparent’s home and helped my in-laws when they hit rough times. During that time I was happy to help but it always set us back to hitting out goals and dreams.

My husband kept switching jobs and we all know that when we switch jobs it’s like starting all over again. Since we’ve been married he’s moved about 5x and we’ve been married for 6 years now, but the jobs he moved to, were always better than the one before.

My husband finally found a job to call home. Which we can all say is a much better fit for him. He makes good money, he’s home at a decent hour, he’s mentally and emotionally home when he’s not at work, and I get to stay home with our boys. When we first met, his credit score was a 504. Today his score is 755, we had a lot to clean up. The best part about all of this is that we are finally making headway and we are getting to the goals we set back in 2009 when we got married.

This year is our year and we are making things happen. We should be closing on our first home in a few weeks, which is so exciting for us.

The main point I want to get at with our story is perseverance. I tell everyone that the 101 Financial System is a living program. And I say living because life is living. Our situation changes when we have life changes and we need to know how to move and evolve with those changes. Life throws so many obstacles and trials our way and we need to be able to dodge them and push through.

Before my grandfather passed away May 2014 we were able to spend quality time with him and not worry about the financial burdens as we wanted to sit by his bedside and be with him. We were able to see him smile one last time before he passed.

Now without the 101 Financial System we would have never been able to have those intimate moments with our grandfather. Because we would have been seeing him after we finished work, which by then it’s his bedtime.

We are creating a life that will give my family opportunities to really spend quality time with each other and to give my boys the best opportunities and experiences out there.

Thank you 101 Financial for being there for us.”

– Nichole Inouye-Nohara

Success Story of the Week – The Mundy’s

Monday, September 28th, 2015

“Bob and I came into the 101 Financial family almost 3 years ago. Since then, our lives have made a dramatic change for the better.

It is, without doubt, the best financial decision we have ever made.

We knew we didn’t live in a perfect world and life happens.

At age 60 Bob had to have knee surgery so was no longer able to continue with his current job and had to find other employment.

Then at age 62 he had a heart attack. When he recovered, he was able to resume his job.

At 63 his back, which unbeknownst to him had been damaged from all the work he used to do, made its condition known and he was no longer able to do the kind of physical work he had always done.

As a result he could only perform light-duty work; so had to leave his job. He was able to find part-time employment and went on social security.

Before 101 Financial we were living paycheck to paycheck.

We had made the decision a few years earlier to only charge what we could pay off the next month, unless a major emergency came up.

So that meant no frills and definitely no trips. We still had our mortgage of about $90,000 to pay off and one car with a year left of payments.

Now mind you, we’re in our sixties, so we’ve pretty much been paying, throughout our lives, the conventional way. But try as we might to get ahead, something always came up. And though we were staying on top of our finances, there was no room for the extras that make life more fun.

There was always the question of will we be able to pay our bills on time, and there were months of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Finances were definitely a stressful area for us.

We had dreams of achieving financial peace of mind, and hopes of having a free life financially as we headed into our retirement.

However, retirement was beginning to seem even more elusive.

When we came on the 101 Financial System, we were able to pay off our car loan, saving ourselves a year’s worth of interest payments, and another $4,000 in acquired debt, all within the first month.

Though nervous to step out and try something so radically different from what we had done throughout our lives, we went ahead, trusted our Instructors, and proceeded forward with the system.

With their guidance and the knowledge we were acquiring, we paid down our mortgage principal $15,000 in the next few months. And after being on the 101 System for only seven months, we were able to write a check to our mortgage company and pay them off.

We also had made a trip to the mainland (which we wouldn’t have been able to do earlier), made reservations for a second trip, and bought a new front loading washer
and dryer (again, not in the realm of possibility before 101 Financial). All without having to incur any credit card debt.

Our dreams of achieving financial peace of mind and our hopes of living a free life financially were beginning to seem like reality.

We were still very careful on our spending, but we were no longer having to live paycheck to paycheck. We now had a plan for our money and a road map to show us where we were going and how to achieve our goals.

Thank You 101 Financial! Ta da! Yes! We were on our way.”

– Bob and Kathy Mundy

Success Story of the Week – Bryan Racca

Monday, September 21st, 2015

I had always considered myself very disciplined in how I managed my money. I bought a home a few years ago, and I also had a car loan and a personal loan, which I was comfortable making timely payments to. Plus I lived within my means.

I was very fortunate to be in a position where I was able to afford things to support my lifestyle. I was so excited that I was able to afford a home here in Hawaii at such a young age. So much so, that the amount of interest I was paying on any of my loans did not even concern me.

I first heard about 101 Financial through my brother, Gerren Racca, who is my 101 Instructor. Because I really did not see a need to change my financial situation, I was very skeptical to sign up for the program initially.

After about 6 months of contemplation, I told Gerren to sign me up, as I was ready to join the team and see what all the fuss was about.

This happened in February 2014 – and that is when my life changed. About three months into the system, I paid off my personal loan of $3K and car loan of $6K, something that would have taken me 3 years to do.

I was impressed!

The next debt I was ready to tackle was my mortgage. When I reviewed my mortgage statements, I noticed that my principal had been reduced by barely $5K over the past 3 years, yet I had made over $43K in payments. That opened up my eyes. In hindsight, I guess you could say I was comfortable giving my money away instead of keeping it in my pocket.

Within a year of being on 101 Financial, I reduced my mortgage by $30K and saved over $40K in interest! What took me one year with 101 Financial would have taken me 6 years and cost me thousands of dollars in interest had I kept banking the conventional way.

A total of $39K in debt plus my tuition was eliminated in one year without drastically changing my life style. I just changed the way I banked. I am now projected to pay off my home in 6 years instead of the traditional 30 years. That is some exciting stuff right there!

The education and knowledge I have acquired from 101 Financial has not only benefited me financially, it has broadened my perspective and opened up my mind to all kinds of possibilities, and goals I once thought were unattainable.

The foundation has been set, my ambitions to achieve bigger and better things have been fueled, and I am ready to take action on the many opportunities ahead of me.

Because 101 Financial has been such a blessing to me, it inspired me to join the crusade and become a 101 Instructor so I can provide the gift of 101 to others. In hopes of transforming their lives, so they too can experience financial peace of mind.

Helping people is a powerful gift and I just want to give a special thanks to my brother, Gerren, and sister in law, Kelli Racca for introducing me to 101. And of course, Alan Akina for providing me with this remarkable opportunity to share this amazing gift and be a blessing with others!

– Bryan Racca

Success Story of the Week – The Serrano’s

Monday, September 14th, 2015

“Before my husband and I got into the program, we knew that we wanted to pay off our mortgage ASAP; we were paying $300 more towards our principal payment.

With 15 years in banking, I should know all this right?

Well, when we did our Free Financial Analysis with 101 Financial, it showed us that we can pay off our 20-year mortgage in 4 years with our current income!

What…what…what!!! We were ecstatic!!!

After getting on board with 101 Financial, we paid off our mortgage in 4 months!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

We were so excited we wanted to share this program with our friends and families. Later my husband and I got to do that when were invited to be Instructors for 101.

We had never thought we could be a part of a company that has so much heart for the community. We are educating the community about the basics of Financial Freedom and living a life of Financial Peace of Mind.”

– Teo & Ofelia Serrano

Success Story of the Week – Renee Montizor

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

“My name is Renee Montizor. I am married, but have been separated from my husband for the past 5 years. When my husband left in 2009, I had a son in high school, a daughter just started college and another daughter trying to make it on her own with a child of her own. My financial situation went spiraling down and I found myself paying my monthly obligations every other month to make ends meet, basically behind 30 days. But, anything that affected my credit I worked hard to pay on time.

In 2011, I did a consolidation of my bills and it looked like I was headed in the right direction. In March 2012, I lost my job of 5 years making $35,000 annually. It got really scary from that point on. I moved to Maui from Molokai in hopes of finding decent work. There are lots of jobs here, but I didn’t have too much luck finding a steady job.

In September 2013, I believe I saw something on Facebook about 101 Financial. Visited the website, read Doreen and Mannon Kamai’s story, as well as all other students and was intrigues by their testimonies. I mentioned it to a friend who knew Doreen and she called to make an appointment. She then referred me to Doreen.

My main reason for wanting to do the 99 Financial class was to learn more. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and I was always interested in learning more ways to improve my financial situation and/or helping others.

So, when I first meet with Doreen, most of what she told me I already knew, but was still curious how or why it works so well in 101 Financial versus what I was trying to so. I loved doing the 90-Day Financial roadmap and calendars. It made me feel like I had taken back some control. It gave me new insight on the small things I was doing wrong and ways to improve myself.

I wasn’t confident I would graduate from 99 Financial because my financial situation was fair, still trying my best to just pay minimums on my credit cards to keep my credit score fair. And, I had my student loans becoming due in a couple of months which caused me to press the panic button. But, I was blessed somehow and I am on my way to becoming a 101 Financial student.

Having an accounting degree has some disadvantages because we always think we know everything. But I have chosen to trust the process, trust my instructor, Doreen as well as her instructors. I am confident and REALLY excited to be on my way to finally working towards clearing my debt with the help of 101 Financial instructors and advisors.”

– Renee Montizor

Success Story of the Week – Jamie Varize

Monday, August 31st, 2015

“John and I own our home in Mountain View on the island of Hawaii. We have 2 children, 5 & 7 years old.

Before joining 101 Financial, we literally lived paycheck to paycheck and never had money left over to do fun stuff.

If we wanted to spend money on something that was not bill-related (like going to the movies, out to eat, extracurricular activities, etc.), we had to sacrifice paying a bill to do so.

In joining 101 Financial we hope to gain financial peace of mind. We want to be able to enjoy life and not feel bad for spending money on fun stuff every once in a while.

Within 4 months of joining, we were able to pay off almost $8,000 in debt!

Knowing and working the steps needed to become debt-free has been liberating. The thought of paying off my house in 5 years excites us beyond measure!

We love banking the 101 way and we wish someone taught us this in high school. I can’t wait to be debt-free so I can use our money to invest in a better future for our family.”

– Jamie Varize

Success Story of the Week – The Villanueva’s

Monday, August 24th, 2015

My wife and I were introduced to 101 Financial by our cousin. And like anyone out there I thought… another scam. People trying to make money off of us.

I thought that I was doing pretty well with money, but in actuality I wasn’t.

I attended the first meeting at my cousin’s home with Alan Akina and it caught my attention but, was still a little skeptical about it.

Once I attended the second meeting I got a much better understanding of what’s going on. But, with my situation with money and my credit score I thought there wasn’t any hope.

By God’s grace my family was willing to help me out. I told myself after the assessment of my financial life, I really needed help with managing my money.

I started with 99 Financial and after the first 2 weeks I noticed that I have money in my account, usually it isn’t that way.

I followed what I was taught and it was truly working. I now know where my money is going and I adjust to make sure that I am always on track with my plan that was created for my wife and I.

I’m understanding about money, finances, and banking… having money in my account, managing it properly, and having GREAT support with Justo and Karen to guide us. I now understand my credit history and debt, which is a big factor, along with building a plan that I can follow.

I can go on, but within the first 2 weeks in the program I’ve experienced too much to write. I’ve been recommending 101 Financial to others because 101 is not here to get rich off anyone.

They are here to help us understand money so we can live a life of happiness & peacefulness. I’ll be starting 101 Financial soon and am excited. I look forward to my family’s future now! I take it as a blessing from God and I know I will work hard at it and never give up.


– Randy and Sheri Villanueva

Success Story of the Week – The Ganitano’s

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

“The Answer”

Right after high school, the world changes… it’s called the real world. The real world is taking care of your finances, shelter, food, family needs, working and also trying to get by each day.

My husband Benson and I are high school sweethearts and got married 3 years ago. We have a 5 year old daughter. Living Paycheck to Paycheck was how my husband and I were 8 months ago.

At a young age, he and I both started working, but we could see that nothing was being saved. To be honest we were really good at splurging, especially on technology items.

We also were not seeing where our money was going because we were not really paying attention. We argued a lot, and we never really talked about our finances because we knew we were struggling, and our finances were not improving.

To be honest, we did not know what managing money was. And our question was… “we work so hard but where is the money?” After college we were piled up with so many credit cards, student loans, personal loans, and car loans we were going crazy. I was like… “how in the world will we ever own our own home?” Something was just not right.

Arlo and Lisa Villanueva introduced 101 Financial to me back in June 2014. I was not interested and was very skeptical. I never really cared much about it, because I thought it was a pyramid company. Then in December 2014, I decided I needed to take a risk and change our life, and the rest is history.

My husband gave me a really hard time, he did not want anything to do with it, so I said I was on my own. It was so painful, but we talked it out and he finally said “OK, I will sign, and it better work.”

Arlo and Lisa were both very patient and answered all my questions. I even cried during our first class, because I knew this was the answer! In less then six months we were able to pay off two of our vehicles, and also student loans.

After being in 101, in less than 8 months, we could see our debt was quickly disappearing. And we enjoyed doing our finances on a daily basis. We have paid off over $28,000 in debt in less than a year.

Less worries, less stress, and more of life!”

We are very thankful to be a part of 101 Financial. It has changed our lives in so many ways.

“Life Changer!”

Everything is better… our marriage, our time with our daughter, having more family time, and most definitely financial peace of mind that we can finally dream again.

This system is truly a blessing to me and my family and I don’t regret anything about it. Every day it takes us closer to one day owning our first home. With 101 Financial our goal is to be homeowners by next year. I know if we were not part of the 101 Ohana, that would never be possible so quickly.

With 101 Financial anything is possible!

Thank you so much to my instructors Arlo and Lisa Villanueva for your continuous endless support, patience, care, and also having a big heart!

Also thank you Alan Akina, for this wonderful system and your continuous love and motivation to your 101 Financial Family! If we can do it, anyone can do it!

– Neva and Benson Ganitano


Success Story of the Week – Karsten and Coloma

Monday, August 10th, 2015

“Just like most people, I thought I had my finances under control. I was extremely wrong when I got a little hiccup in my financial plan called “Vegas.”

Las Vegas sent me packing with a nice present, in the form of three maxed out credit cards totaling around 20k. “No prob!” I thought. I would just pay more and be right back on track.

I paid more and more, watching no dent appear in my debt. I also began looking for another job (because that’s what people in Hawaii do when they hit a financial wall). All the while my co-worker was telling me he is just about to pay off his car next month and his wife is going to quit her job for her baby…. all with a relaxed smile.

I thought to myself, ‘Braddah must be doing something illegal because I’m making more money than him and I’m stuck… while he’s paying off all these things so fast!’

Come to find out, it was 101 Financial.

As soon as I jumped on to the program I paid off one card. In the second month I paid off the second. I finished paying off all my credit card debt that I couldn’t put a dent in before by the fourth month that I was in the program.

I also got to send my girlfriend and her best friend on a trip to the place that got me in trouble in the first place, Vegas.

101 Financial has been a God send to me. I now can see the path at the end of the tunnel and can see the beginning of my dreams.

Financial hiccups still occur in my life and will continue to. But now I have a tried and true plan that works to make sure I’ll always be fine no matter what happens.

My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

– Karsten and Coloma

Success Story of the Week – The Simpson’s

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Thank You!

“Just sitting here looking at our financial projections and wanted to say a huge thank you!

This time last year we were anxiously waiting for all of our necessary documents so that we can hurry and file our taxes. Carefully planning how we were going to immediately spend it.

We had a growing list of items, prioritized of course, that needed to be paid first.

While looking at the list, I remember looking at my husband and saying, we need to call Kelly and Paul and figure out how we can get onto the 101 System (btw, they are awesome!).

In March we were approved for a line of credit (yay!). In just one short year we were able to eliminate our credit card and consumer debt, and now we are chopping away at the mortgage. With hopes to have that eliminated by the end of the year.

What a positive shift in perception on financial management that has brought our home true financial peace of mind!

101 Financial is a blessing in our lives!

We cannot thank you enough!”

Mahalo nui!

– Hollie & Brandon Simpson

Success Story of the Week – The Hamiltons

Monday, July 27th, 2015

In August 2014, I was serving on Active Duty tour for the Army Reserve. I had just graduated from Massage School, and I had a few months left on my student internship at the massage clinic. Despite the fact that I had very little time for fun, I knew that all of my hard work would pay off in the end, and one day I would be retire from the Army and live my dream of serving others as a Doctor in the field of Alternative Medicine.

If you met me in August 2014, you would have met someone who was passionate, determined, and tireless. It’s amazing how things can change in a month’s time.

In September 2014, my Active Duty tour was coming to an end. And although I was scheduled to continue on for another 6 months, the budget for my position would not be released until January 2015, so I was going to be out of work for a few months.

In the meantime, my apprenticeship in the massage clinic had ended, and I was months away from taking the licensing exam to become a Massage Therapist. I was also scheduled to Graduate school in the Fall. However, that would have to be postponed because we needed two incomes in order to survive.

So what did I do? I spent many sleepless nights poring over bills and basically just stressing out!

So there I was sitting at my desk one day when my friend, Sandra Strong walked in and listened to my woes. She began sharing 101 Financial with me, and since I trusted Sandra, I knew she wouldn’t lead me astray. She emailed me the video and within a few days, I became a 101 student!

On my first day, I paid off $13,500.00 in debt, and despite the situation I was temporarily in, I could look forward to the future with hope and certainly a lot less stress.

Well, that’s my story. My husband’s story on the other hand is slightly different. From the start, my husband was pretty skeptical about the program and he wouldn’t even consider watching the video.

After 3 months on the program, I paid off another $3,000 in debt. And if he didn’t see it in writing, he would have never believed it! I paid off my car and several credit cards and was well on my way to becoming debt free.

After witnessing what I like to call my “financial miracle,” my husband joined the 101 family and the rest is history.

Our combined debt in January 2015 was approximately $294,000 and we don’t have a mortgage! Since then, we have managed to pay off 2 cars, several credit cards, and several student and personal loans totaling approximately $54,000.

I managed to get back on that Active Duty tour for 6 months which ends in July 2015. However, the feelings of overwhelming stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights are a thing of the past.

I am now scheduled to go back to school to complete my Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine, and my husband and I can look forward to a happier, stress-free, and financially secure future!

– The Hamiltons

Success Story of the Week – Chantel Lee Badiang

Monday, July 20th, 2015

101 Financial was introduced to me by my husband’s friend’s wife. I attended the meeting, immediately thinking it may possibly be a scam. However after attending the meeting, I really thought about how much debt we were in, especially being young homeowners and how we were living paycheck to paycheck and how life was so stressful.

After attending the meeting I immediately met with my instructor, Lori Chun, who’s helped my family and I so much. My husband was just laid off 2 months prior and I was really starting to get worried about our finances. And how I could possibly lose everything we’ve worked so hard for.

As of young mother of 3, I understand how hard it is to make it in Hawaii. We really didn’t have much time to attend the presentation together since the both of us work now, and I was here living on Oahu and raising kids by myself while my husband was away working.

I am beyond grateful and thankful I found 101 Financial, it has changed my life and it helped me to manage my money better. It also made me realize how my money was being spent. I look back and realize what is most important to me and how I can build a better life for my kids.

I started 101 Financial April, 2015 and I have met with Lori 3 times since I started. In a matter of just 2 months I was able to payoff $47,000, thanks to Lori. Although my husband still wasn’t able to make any of our meetings, we have talked about how important it is to us to have a better life and to get ahead and how we can do this as long as we stick to the plan.

I wish I knew about this sooner.

Again I am truly grateful for 101 Financial and Instructors Lori and Wes Chun for helping me and my family. I look forward to paying off my house, building success and enjoying life.

Badiang Ohana
Chantel Lee Badiang

Success Story of the Week

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

“My fiance and I started the 101 Financial System in March 2015. The day before I attended my first 101 presentation we had made an offer on what would be our first home. After the presentation I knew instantly that we were not financially ready to buy a home.

We withdrew our offer and I convinced my fiance that he needed to attend the presentation for himself. After the presentation he was so pumped, excited and relieved. Because we dodged a bullet, we almost signed our life away, we almost signed a death pledge (mortgage). He was so pumped and excited to take the first step to financial freedom.

Now that we both were on the same page about our financials I was confident that this was the right thing for us to do. We started with the 99 program and within 2 weeks we graduated to the 101 Financial System. By our 3rd class we had paid $6200 toward our debt. Instead of paying our debt off in 10 years we are on schedule to pay it off in 2 years.

I met our instructor Janelle at a little get together at a mutual girlfriends house. I truly believe that God had put us in the same place that night for a reason. She is our guardian angel. She saved us from years of financial hardship, she saved our family.

At my first class I met Aunty Donna, both her and Janelle not only made me feel comfortable talking about my finances but they made me see what our life would be like without the constant worry about money.

Today I am happy to report that my fiance and I have not had one argument since our first class about money, and no longer worry about unexpected expenses. 101 Financial has made our relationship stronger.

We went from spending $1,000 eating out too $300 and there is still room for improvement. We are able to pay off our statement balance from our credit cards every month without anxiety or worry if we have enough money.

Sticking to a budget takes discipline but when you think about your family’s future and happiness it motivates you to want to stick to it. We cannot express the gratitude we have to Alan, Aunty Donna and Janelle for introducing us to 101 Financial. Our future looks bright and debt-free.”

– Javelin Domen-Ah Sing & Kahiapo Branco


Success Story of the Week – Barbara Jane Ward

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

“I am so thankful that my daughter, Melissa Fernandez, introduced me to the 99 Financial program.

Throughout my working years and my retirement in 1997, I struggled with my finances. It was feast or famine.

I have read about and tried several methods on keeping track of my money throughout the years, but I could not make any one method work for me.

But when 2013 rolled around, I was determined to be a better steward of all money that flowed into my life. I wanted to be of more help to my husband, a retiree like me, and also our grandkids and great grandkids.

With the 99 Financial program, I am able to look towards the future with hope, 3 months at a time, to attain these goals and others such as traveling.

Knowing that I can call on my instructor when I feel stuck or frustrated, has given me a lot of peace.

I hope and pray that many more of our local people will have the same opportunity that I have had.

The 99 Financial program showed me that I wasn’t too old to learn how to manage my money in a simple but very effective way.”

– Barbara Jane Ward


Success Story of the Week – Myles Miyasato

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

I became a student and started learning the 101 System from my instructor Kahealani Kaaihili. In the past like probably about 90% of the residents in Hawaii, I was trying to make fast extra money with Amway, Telecommunication, ASEA water, pretty much every pyramid marketing scheme that came along.

After about 10 years of this I have come to terms that I am not a sales person. So when I met Kahealani I was skeptical and questioned her about this being just another pyramid.

Well, we did a worksheet of my income and my expenses then she told me that I could achieve my goal of financial freedom in 9 years.

For me the thing is, I was trying to make fast money to achieve financial freedom. Using my extra money to buy into these programs instead of making my extra money work for me and eliminating years of interest payments.

I started with my debts being a mortgage, car loan, and 2 credit cards I was looking at payments for the next 25 years.

I had established my Line Of Credit and my Rewards Credit Card, so Kahealani got me started with the 101 Financial System.

In our first class she showed me how we were going to pay off one of the credit cards that day, then start accelerated payments on the other card. I left that first class pretty excited and could not wait for the next class.

In about 4 months we paid off the second credit card and now we started our accelerated payments on the car loan. At this point the hardest thing is to be disciplined when I have the extra money.

But what Kahealani showed me in one of our classes was how to plan ahead and have the finances already factored into my program for vacations or any expenses that I could expect.

That is what allowed me to be comfortable to use this extra money for accelerated payments. Now I’m just about a year and a half into my program and I only have my mortgage to pay.

I am on track to accomplishing my financial freedom and amazingly it will be pretty close to the estimated time frame given to me at the start.

Thank you Kahealani.

– Myles Miyasato


Success Story of the Week – Travis and Mona Kea

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

“We first met in high school. When we went to college, we were not prepared for the financial needs that a college education required. We tried our best to support ourselves through working multiple jobs, scholarships, and tuition waivers.

It wasn’t easy being a neighbor island student because we had to find the means to pay for our education AND living expenses. Then the economy tanked.

Student loans were incredibly difficult to get and we relied on credit cards and the generosity of our family just to get by.

We dreamed of having our wedding our way, but thought it was impossible because we couldn’t justify the means to pay for it. So that dream was pushed back, year after year after year.

When we returned home to Maui, we were so far in debt, not only with student loans, but with credit cards, auto loans, and personal family loans. We struggled paycheck to paycheck, and we were very afraid of letting our family down as we sunk deeper into the hole each month.

We knew something had to change.

When we were introduced to 101 Financial, we quickly regained the control and confidence we needed to start our new life together. We not only paid off some of our family loans, but took care of our credit card debt, auto loans, and now ended up in the positive at the end of each month. At this point, we were so relieved that we weren’t paddling backwards.

Since then, we have made giant leaps towards our financial and life goals. As of today, we have smashed an additional $130,000 in student loans. And the cool thing about this is that we haven’t even hit our two-year mark with 101 Financial, and we are ON FIRE!

After 14 years together, we are FINALLY planning to get married by next year and also have most of our debt completely paid off. We definitely look at our finances differently and are able to dream big, knowing that these dreams are NOT impossible.

As a bonus, we have greatly improved our credit scores, strengthened our relationship, and are excited about our life together. We cannot thank 101 Financial enough, not just for the financial education but for teaching us about life.”

UPDATE From Travis and Mona:

“Just in 2014 alone:

– We significantly scaled down our work schedules, while continuing to SLAM OUR DEBT!
– We purchased our FIRST HOME.
– We had our DREAM WEDDING at the Grand Wailea Resort & Spa on Maui.
– We enjoyed a ONE MONTH DREAM HONEYMOON in California (Disneyland) and Florida (Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando).

101 Financial has made it possible for us to really cherish and enjoy these very important life events. After seeing what 101 Financial has done for us thus far, we have absolutely no plans of slowing down. We intend to take at least 2 more family vacations in the next year and are living our lives to the fullest potential.

Dreams DO come true! We have definitely expanded our horizons and can now see an amazing future ahead. 101 Financial has transformed our lives, and we are so grateful and excited for what the future holds for our family.”

– Travis and Mona Kea, Maui

Success Story of the Week – Lahilahi Simeona

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Financial Peace of Mind?

When I joined the Coast Guard back in January 2009 I thought to myself, finally my own money I can spend how I want!  So living paycheck to paycheck was my “normal”, it’s how I thought everyone lived.

At the time I was 20 with nothing more than a cellphone bill because I was living on a Coast Guard boat and didn’t have a vehicle.

After two and a half years in Seattle, WA, transfer season was approaching fast and my boyfriend of two years decided it beneficial and in our best interest for me to purchase a car. Still barely scraping by monthly, I took what little I had and went to buy a car. After three days of hassling with the dealers, my boyfriend offered me a $1000.00 loan for a bigger down payment, and to co-sign with me for the car.

I drove away with my dream car. What I didn’t know, because I was not educated on financial responsibility; was what a co-signer really was, why I couldn’t qualify for my own loan, and what the potential downfalls are of having a boyfriend as a co-signer.

For example, only eight short months after our “beneficial purchase” together, he decides it’s all too much for him and that I needed to either refinance or sign the car over to him. It was then I knew something needed to change with my life, but more specifically, my financial responsibilities to secure my future.  In July of 2011 my parents Ed and Jackie Simeona told me of the new financial plan they were working and all the great things that were happening financially for them. At first I wasn’t so convinced, being I had “already come so far on my own.”  Plus I did not have the credit score needed to qualify for the 101 program so they started me with the 99 program.

After committing whole-heartedly and knowing that I needed to better myself financially, I began working the system the way my father/financial advisor was teaching me to.

In Oct 2012 I finally had a qualifying credit score to advance to the 101 program. And again began the frustrations of learning to work the system a different way. With my only debt being my car loan, I used to wonder why I was still financially unstable. Why was I barely scraping by month to month? Why wasn’t this program working for me like it was everyone else?     Although I had been second guessing this program and myself since joining, I had to keep telling myself I can’t quit now.

July 15th 2013, just short of a year on the 101 financial program, I paid off my $12,500.00 car loan! The amount of pressure that was lifted emotionally is indescribable.

I know it’s not a BIG elaborate story about overcoming financial hardships, but to know that in less than a year I had overcome that car loan all on my own, and earlier than expected, I have nothing but high hopes for me financially in the future.

Lastly and most importantly, I’d like to share that had it not been for my parents sharing the knowledge, and all the benefits of this program, I would not be where I am financially today.  I know that I will struggle with money for the rest of my life, but I now have the knowledge, tools, and resources to manage my way to FINANCIAL PEACE OF MIND.

– Lahilahi Simeona

Success Story of the Week – Bryan Wong

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

“Before 101 Financial, we were just living paycheck to paycheck, some months drowning in bills.

Now the 101 Financial System has changed our lives.

We learned to Bank Smarter and started to be able to breathe.

We were able to take control of our finances and no longer live paycheck to paycheck.

And within the 1st year we have paid down $65,000 of debt!

We want to thank Alan Akina, Uncle Merl & Aunty D and our 101 Ohana.”

– Bryan Wong

Success Story of the Week – Benevides Ohana

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

 “I have been a student of 101 Financial for a very long time. I began my journey with the company in 2005. Yes, 8 years ago!  And I’m still in debt! You may be wondering… is that possible?

Well, here’s what happened.

When I initially signed up with 101, I had minimal debt. I had a couple credit cards and a small car loan. These things should have been paid off within a couple years. At the time I was only 24 years old, and I didn’t take these things seriously. Sure, I paid off the credit cards and eliminated some debt, but never fully cleared it all. You see, my greatest learning experience in this world of financial wonders is that this system is not the “miracle” fix that will do all the work for you and solve all your problems.  Jump ahead seven years…….

In July of 2012, my husband and I had our second child. I wanted so badly to be able to stay home with him. I thought, “sure, no problem, we can do this.” We don’t pay rent, nor do we have a mortgage. Yeah sure, we have some credit, but no big deal! WRONG! You see, when it came to doing our bills, I knew we had a good amount of credit card debt, but just assumed we’d pay it down as we go. I would avoid checking balances or writing the checks for the payments. I would have my husband do it because I just didn’t want to see.  Well, right after we had my son, I figured I should sit down and look at all our finances since I would not be having any income. Holy moly was I in for a surprise!

Not only did we accumulate about $50,000 in credit card debt, but we still had about $12,000 on a truck loan. AND to make matters worse, when I wrote down our expenses and bills, we had a NEGATIVE cash flow! So every month we were digging ourselves deeper and deeper in the hole. Talk about panic, depression, anxiety, and anger all at the same time.

What had we done?!  How could we do this to ourselves! We were both educated people that came from good families. How could this happen??  Well, that’s when I knew we had to do something drastic.  Now this is truly a testament to how awesome a company 101 Financial is. So I originally signed up in 2005, but was still here asking for support in 2013. I reached out to a friend who was on 101, and asked if they could ask their instructor how I could have a refresher and reorganize my life.  Keep in mind, the instructor who came to “save our lives” was not the same instructor that we signed up with.

So, financially, this instructor never received any type monetary compensation for doing this job. There were no questions or hesitations. She called me, set up an appointment, and came to our house to help us sort through the mess we had made. Nichole Inouye-Nohara is our angel that has helped save us!  She has returned that financial peace of mind to our family.  We are once again on track and know that we will get through this time of adversity.  Our total debt that we needed to conquer was about $70,000.  I have, at this time, returned to work part time to help create cash flow. We started back on the program in the end of February and have already brought down our debt by nearly  $10,000. I know! It’s what we call “crazy math”!

If we continue with our budget and projections, we are estimated to pay off this debt in two and a half years! My husband was so upset with me that I hadn’t requested the help earlier! Haha! This program has saved our lives. The biggest lesson I have learned is that this program is NOT a fix-all solution that solves all your problems by simply signing up! YOU have to put in the work. YOU have to be disciplined! YOU have to stick to your budget and be serious about it.

If YOU don’t do those things……YOU WILL DIG YOURSELF INTO A DEEPER DEBT! The greatest thing about 101 is that you have the support team to help you along the way to that place where you have the greatest gift of a financial peace of mind!

– Kamiki and Keola Benevides

Success Story of the Week – John and Kahea

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

“God has been SOOOO good throughout our 99 and 101 Financial journey. We are truly grateful for an awesome 101 instructor like Kelly. Thank you for always walking us through the steps and being patient with us as we continue to forge forth towards total debt freedom.

The 101 Financial System is not just about money, but more than that. It is about bringing PEACE in the family when it comes to FINANCES!

My husband and I don’t argue anymore about finances… fact we are excited to track where we are, and also to see how much of an accelerated payment we can make on our next debt in line to be conquered!

We are so blessed to be a part of the 101 Financial Family! We thank God for the 101 System that has helped to bring us to this place of peace, and actually having fun while paying off debt!

We continue to work the 101 Financial System and believe in it 1,000%. We started on the 101 System in April 2014 and so far we have paid off over $35,900 in debt.

Thank you Jesus! We are also able to be obedient tithers due to our budgeting the 101 System way! We truly believe that the 101 Lifestyle is the way to go when dealing with finances!

THANK YOU KELLY AND THE 101 ‘OHANA! May the Lord continue to bless us all!

—  John Henry and Kahea Lakalo

Success Story of the Week – Charlie and Cheryl

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Given Such an Amazing Gift

“Many years ago we were approached by a friend who was involved with another system “similar” to 101 Financial. Luckily we were skeptical and never got involved. Unfortunately, today that friend lost his house, and that company no longer exists.

So when we were approached about 101 we did not want anything to do with it. But several years ago a very close friend of ours joined 101 and we could see how stress-free she became of her finances

Today her conventional mortgage is paid off.

We thought to ourselves WOW this must really work! So last year we decided to join the 101 family and we are so much happier.

We still live our life how we want to, but we’re just smarter with the way we spend our money. We have paid off approximately $26,000 of our debt and we had the best Christmas ever. Not for the gifts that we were able to buy, but because we were given such an amazing gift of learning how to manage our money and make it work for us.

On top of that, as an added bonus, our Christmas debt has already been paid off!

Thank you, Alan, for developing this system that really works and Ana for being a great friend and guiding us through this process.”

— Charlie and Cheryl, Maui

Success Story of the Week – Grady Ohana

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

 Get on Board – It’s Well Worth the Journey!

“Aloha, my name is Kamalei, my wife Chrystal and I have been on 101 since the beginning of August. We have been together for 5 years now and have 1 energetic little 3 year old.

Before 101 Financial we both had no clue on how to budget our finances. And even worse, we were drowning in consumer debt of $30,000 to be exact. We were renting a place on the East side of Kauai for a couple years then decided to get married this past June. We thought we couldn’t afford the wedding with all our bills plus paying rent so we decided to move back with my parents on the North Shore so we could save some money.

Well fast forward to after we got married, and we still had no clue what we were going to do about our debt. We knew we needed a plan, especially if we wanted to get out of our parents place and purchase a home of our own.

We had a couple friends on 101 that were doing well and were talking with Chrystal about their success. Then Chrystal told me about it. I was hesitant at first because I heard about 101 before, but decided to give it a shot. We went to 101’s website and filled out the financial analysis and were contacted the next day. After a few emails we met our instructor Auntie MariAnn and Uncle Sam.

We enrolled instantly for the 99 program and fast-tracked our way and graduated out from the 99 program into 101 Financial System within 3 weeks. We already had good credit so that made the whole process faster for us. We now just had to learn how to bank the 101 way.

We started the 101 program very motivated to get out of debt. We quickly learned what we needed to do from our excellent instructors, and before we knew it we had paid all of our credit cards and a personal loan totaling approx $25,000. By the beginning of December we will pay off the car and be debt free!

With 101 Financial we are more confident than ever that our financial future will and forever be solid! Mahalo to all of the people who make 101 Financial what it is today. A Big Mahalo to Mr. Alan Akina and our Master Instructors Auntie MariAnn and Sam Sheldon for showing us the way.

If you are thinking about doing this program, do it for your family, do it for your future. I promise you will have success like we had.”

Kamalei & Chrystal Grady

Success Story of the Week – Kamai Ohana

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

 101 Financial Isn’t About Money – It’s About Amazing People

“My name is Doreen Tang. My fiancé, Mannon Kamai and I have two kids together. Our daughter Makena, age 4 and our son Kainoa, age 2. Mannon also has a daughter, my stepdaughter Madison, age 8.

We both have very good jobs working at the Hyatt Regency Maui. Over the last 6 years together we have been through a lot – starting a family, buying a condo, having hours cut at work, to losing my job for nine months.

Over six years together we really saw our debt building up.

We had a mortgage, I had student loans, we had a total of 4 credit cards almost all maxed out, a personal loan from consolidating our credit cards, which didn’t work.

Struggling financially had become a way of life for us.

Mannon and I had found out about 101 Financial. Curious, we looked into becoming students. At first we were scared, and for many reasons. We thought that it was a scam, we were prideful, and most of all we were ashamed of where we had gotten. Thinking we could continue on our own, we decided this might not be for us right now.

Fast forward one year. We were a little better off than the previous year. However, we were still struggling. It felt like every time we got ahead, we were taking ten steps back. I finally decided that we needed to do this. We got back with our instructor Jodee, and after the first class we knew this is what we needed to be doing.

Since we started, we have eliminated $15,000 of our debt. This includes 3 credit cards, our personal loan which we still had 2.5 years left and various bills that were lingering. We finally pay our bills on time, which was a big struggle for us.

Better than all of that, we are able to dream again. We had gotten so stuck in our daily struggles that we didn’t even realize we had stopped dreaming. Later on this year we are finally able to get married with the wedding we both have dreamed of. And next year we have big plans to buy a new house for our family!

The 101 Financial program has allowed us to plan our lives instead of our lives planning for us. We do kick ourselves for not starting when we first had the opportunity. We think and wonder where would we be today? But we knew at that time we weren’t ready. Now we are ready and excited to see what the future holds!

We are so grateful to be a part of the wonderful 101 Ohana! I tell people that it is funny how 101 Financial isn’t really about money. It’s about the amazing people who sincerely want to help you better your life. It’s about bettering the relationships you have in your life and about opening your heart to dreaming again!

We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to join the 101 Ohana!”

— Doreen Tang & Mannon Kamai, Maui, Hawaii

Success Story of the Week – Fatima and John

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Planning on our Future – Together

“On August 16, 2011, John and I became students of the 99 Financial Program. Prior to meeting up with our instructor, John and I were already doing something similar to the 99 Program. However, our strategy was not pointing us to the right direction. We were still living paycheck-to-paycheck to pay all our debts.

I was once employed at a financial institution where I thought I had the knowledge on how to utilize the bank tools to be successful financially. However, I realized that I still needed help with managing both of our finances.

After reading some of the successful stories about the 101 Financial, we both decided to go forward and take the opportunity to be more knowledgeable in financial management and have total control of our future.

About six months after being on the 99 program, our credit score went from “poor” to “good,” and our savings grew quickly. After 8 months of being on 99, we were able to graduate to the 101 program in April 2012, where our debts began to shrink. After being on the 101 program for only 3 months, John and I were able to pay off a total of $23,900 which included our tuition. There are a few sacrifices to make, but the knowledge and control you will learn from the program is well worth it. We are happy to say that from today, both John and I can start planning on our future together.

We are highly grateful for our instructor, Ana Magarin, and the founder of 101 Financial, Alan Akina, for paving the way to our new, better and brighter financial future.”

— Fatima Bayle and John Pico, Kahului, Maui, Since July 2012

Success Story of the Week – Anna Corpuz

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Prior to 101 I was VERY unhappy.

“Debt controlled me every day. I was stressed, depressed and angry. I woke up with these emotions in the morning, and went to bed feeling this way for a long time.

101 Financial empowered me and I felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders. I now could move forward and concentrate on the next step, building wealth. Knowing what I learned I used the same tools and strategies to start saving for my first home and start a home business simultaneously.

However the most important thing I can say is how 101 Financial has benefited me today…

Right now, times are hard. However, the system prepares you for life’s unanticipated events, especially if they come one after another.

The last two years have been filled with events that could have drastically affected my financial well being. A major car repair, illness that kept me from working, downsized from my second job and the continuing rise in the cost of living would’ve put me at the mercy of a government program for my family.

But because I have been living the 101 Financial way, I am doing just fine. It may seem grim at times, but simply applying the techniques and being smarter, causes me to be proactive instead of giving up.

This is called living with financial peace of mind. If I didn’t have 101 Financial in my life, I do not know where I’d be.”

— Anna Corpuz, Hawaii

Success Story of the Week – Mona and Travis

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

We are on Fire

“We first met in high school. When we went to college, we were not prepared for the financial needs that a college education required. We tried our best to support ourselves through working multiple jobs, scholarships, and tuition waivers. It wasn’t easy being a neighbor island student because we had to find the means to pay for our education AND living expenses. Then the economy tanked.

Student loans were incredibly difficult to get and we relied on credit cards and the generosity of our family just to get by. We dreamed of having our wedding our way, but thought it was impossible because we couldn’t justify the means to pay for it. So that dream was pushed back, year after year after year. When we returned home to Maui, we were so far in debt not only with student loans, but with credit cards, auto loans, and personal family loans. We struggled paycheck to paycheck, and we were very afraid of letting our family down as we sunk deeper into the hole each month.

We knew something had to change.

When we were introduced to 101 Financial, we quickly regained the control and confidence we needed to start our new life together. We not only paid off some of our family loans, but took care of our credit card debt, auto loans, and now ended up in the positive at the end of each month. At this point, we were so relieved that we weren’t paddling backwards. Since then, we have made giant leaps towards our financial and life goals. As of today, we have smashed an additional $130,000 in student loans.

The cool thing about this is that we haven’t even hit our two year mark with 101 Financial, and we are ON FIRE!!!

After 14 years together, we are FINALLY planning to get married by next year and also have most of our debt completely paid off. We definitely look at our finances differently and are able to dream big, knowing that these dreams are NOT impossible.

As a bonus, we have greatly improved our credit scores, strengthened our relationship, and are excited about our life together.

We cannot thank 101 Financial enough, not just for the financial education but for teaching us about life.”

— Mona Umetsu & Travis Kea, Maui

Success Story of the Week – Cunningham Ohana

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

We Live So Much Better Now That We Have a Plan for LIFE

“When the market crashed, it was hard to keep up with our mortgage, car payments, and our everyday expenses.

5 years ago, we went through bankruptcy, a tax lien, and a truck repossession. In 2012 we had about $18,000 in debt and in 2013 we had about $26,000. When we started on the 101 system in Jan. 2014, we had about $30,000 of debt.

We paid my car off within 5 months, ($11,600) which is crazy because, before we barely had enough to survive… but banking the 101 way saved us 3 years of car payments and hundreds of dollars in unnecessary interest costs.

Last July we took a vacation with friends, and we even purchased my honey’s “dream” truck with no cosigner.

Life NOW is good. Wait, what am I talking about, it’s GREAT! I mean it has always… BEEN amazing… but it feels more wholesome now that we have a solid financial foundation!

101 has given us Financial peace of mind. There’s just no room for worry. You know that feeling while at the grocery store: “Oh please, oh please let there be money.” Well now no more living paycheck to paycheck!

I always knew that I had to be more conscientious about how I spent my money, but I just didn’t know how. I always thought I did a good job, but… I was wrong. LOL.

Money really does affect every area of life… and for most of us it dictates what we can and cannot do.

It was essential for us to get INTIMATE with our finances… and since then we’ve become Best of Friends. We protect it, we give thanks, and in turn it supports us. We live so much better now that we have a plan for LIFE and all of our decisions are now based upon our goals and dreams.

We’ve been through it all – bankruptcy, tax lien, and repossession. So if you need hope, HERE IT IS!

We’re projected to being debt free by Jan. 2016, and we have plans to purchase a home by mid next year!

Thank you 101 Financial, Alan, our teachers, and everyone who has a hand in making our dreams a continued reality!”

— Krystal Cunningham

Student Success Story – the Sheldons

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Success Story of the Week – Vince & Star Bell

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Swallowed our Pride and Reached Out For Help

“Here we were on the brink of not knowing how we were going to pay our property tax and meet our mortgage payments. It was such a big stress for us because we did not want to lose our home.

One day an angel was sent to us. We were in our yard and she was mowing their lawn. After her task was done she walked over to share 101 Financial with us. After a few minutes, she invited us to a presentation that was taking place in a few days. We were in awe with what she first shared with us, and decided that we were going to take her up on the invite and did attend the presentation.

That night we went home and tossed the idea around about “financial peace of mind.” The question we kept asking ourselves is, “How? How could it be possible?” We called her with more questions and always received the answers that we needed to hear, not necessarily what we wanted to hear. We felt of her sincerity and knew that she was God sent and was really reaching out to us. Till today, my husband will say that it was meant for us to be out in our yard that day, because she was inspired to come over.

We decided we were going to take that leap of faith and trust that she would be with us every step of the way. Two weeks later we were on our way to financial freedom. We managed to pay our property tax and catch up with our mortgage payments. We have since paid off thousands of dollars in debt, and count our blessings that 101 Financial came into our lives.

I will say that one of my biggest fears was using a credit card again because many years prior to our marriage, I dug myself into a deep hole and struggled to meet my credit card payments. I know now that it was because I lacked the education, the knowledge and the value and proper use of a credit card.

And now, we have been blessed with three wonderful years and often sit around the dinner table and give thanks for our angel and to 101 Financial for the education we have received. Our three beautiful teenaged children are also so grateful that we felt it important enough to swallow our pride and reach out for help. Thank you 101 Financial for blessing our lives, our family is truly blessed.”

— Vince & Star Bell

101 Student Success Story – The Racca’s

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

After graduating college, Gerren and I moved to my hometown of Boise, Idaho. We got married, bought our first home and thought we were set. Life was good! A few years later Gerren was offered a job on Kauai and we were so excited for the opportunity to experience life on the island. We attempted to sell our house and realized quickly we were $30,000 upside down on our house plus consumer debt, we needed help!

Not able to see a way out, we filed bankruptcy in 2009 and in 2010 moved to Kauai. 3 years later we found ourselves accumulating consumer debt again and it was starting to look similar to our prior situation. We had a car loan, credit cards and our student loans totaling $32,000. In March 2013 we were introduced to 101 Financial by Gerren’s cousin, what a blessing!

The success stories we were hearing at our first workshop were so surreal, we questioned, “how could they be paying off so much debt in such a little time?” Hearing all the student’s stories that come from various situations and financial backgrounds, reassured us that we, too, could have the opportunity to feel that financial peace of mind that everyone spoke of. In addition, we were so impressed by the amount of support given to the students.

We started on the 99 system in April and were on it for the next 4 months, and in July 2013 we graduated to the 101 system. We were so excited! We began dreaming again and thinking about things that always weighed on our heart that we felt were out of our reach. For the first time in our lives our finances were organized, simplified and we felt financial peace of mind, because we had a plan! The education we received was the knowledge we needed. The only thing we wished was different was that we knew about 101 years ago, we could have avoided losing our home.

By the end of September we had paid off a personal loan, our credit card, Gerren’s student loan and the 101 tuition, all totaling over $10,000!!! Because of our success we could not help but share our story with friends and family. We became 101 Financial instructors in September 2013 and are passionate in helping others feel excited about their financial future!

Being educated by our instructors Aunty Barbara and Uncle Harry on the 101 system has changed our lives forever. Although we have always set goals, prior to 101 we were uncertain on how we were going to reach them financially. Thankfully, this plan is proven and we are working hard to reach our goals.

In October 2013 we attended our first 101 Financial University on Oahu. It was an eye-opening weekend full of knowledge, inspiration, motivation, achievement and FUN! 101 has changed the lives of so many people and families and it’s such an honor to be around like-minded people who are making positive changes and inspiring others to do the same.

We recommend 101 Financial because of the education you will receive about banking, budgeting and choices. Education is power and with this knowledge you can set and achieve goals to live the life you have always dreamed about.

– Gerren & Kelli Racca, formerly from Kauai and recently relocated to Boise, ID

Student Success Story of the Week – The Manning Ohana

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

No Longer Stressed and Weighed Down by our Financial Burdens

“Prior to being with 101 Financial, my wife and I were living pay check to pay check. My anxiety level was so high I was waking up in the middle of the night worried about how I was going to pay our bills.

At one point we had to choose which bill we were going to pay on time, and which bill was going to be late. We had almost $50,000 in debt, 3 children (4th was on her way), rent, utilities, groceries, etc., (you get the picture) and we were doing it all on one income. Life was hard.

Boy, were we lucky, because our lives changed overnight. The education we learned and the tools we gained through 101 Financial have been amazing. We cannot stress how much 101 Financial has changed our lives. The system has truly brought us “financial peace of mind.”

We no longer are living pay check to pay check. We are able to pay ALL of our bills on time; and after being on the system for only 8 months; we eliminated over $30,000 of debt.

My wife and I are so thankful and feel extremely thankful to Alan Akina, but also my sister-in-law and her husband. If it wasn’t for her introducing 101 Financial to us, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today.

Our family is happier and closer than we’ve ever been because we are no longer stressed and weighed down by our financial burdens.

We set goals for our future and our children’s future and are confident about reaching them because we have 101 Financial. Thanks 101 Financial!”

— The Manning Ohana, Kaneohe, HI