Christmas in July?

I’m sure you have heard the term “Christmas in July.” Sometimes this refers to sales “big box” stores have during mid-summer. Wikipedia says it also refers to Christmas-themed celebrations, parties and gifts in July.

I would like to suggest a different meaning… something financially savvy.

Here are 3 tips to keep you financially fit in preparation for the real Christmas next December:

#1: Just like Santa… make your list of those you want to get gifts for. Then check it twice and ask yourself if there are other lower-cost options for getting those gifts.

#2: Set up a Google Alert for each of the gifts you are shopping for. Each time that item is mentioned online, Google will compile the sites that sell it, and email you the entire list. You can use this list to monitor prices, sales and reviews.

#3: Don’t rush into a deal. Slowly make your purchases from now till December. You will see that spending a little here and a little there will keep you on your budget, so you don’t exceed your December budget.

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