Commit To Learning Something New

To be successful, you need to learn something new every day. That’s something I personally do on a daily basis. Whether it’s reading a book, watching a webinar, listing to an audio book in my car, or talking with an expert, I’m always learning something new with the topics that are most important to me. And you know my passion – personal finance.

5 Sure-fire tips to educate yourself in 2015

1. Choose a topic that motivates you.
2. Find one book on your topic to buy or borrow.
3. Find a magazine on your topic you will subscribe to.
4. Find a blog on your topic and follow it.
5. Attend a live seminar on your topic.

Bonus tip: Teach your topic to at least 1 other person. Teaching someone something is the best way to learn it.

Download the “Learn Something New” Worksheet here.

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