Commit to Learning Something New

Commit to Learning Something NewWhen it comes to money, there are so many different things to know. From budgeting and investing, to taxes, retirement planning and real estate.

I know all of these topics can feel overwhelming at times. Once you start understanding how money really works, many realize there is so much more to learn.

That’s why committing to learning something new about money every month is vitally important.

Here are my Top Tips to help you learn something new about money and your finances this year:

First pick the subject about money that you are most interested in. Next, go online and Google that subject. For example, buying rental properties.

Then search for the top rated books on this subject and either check them out at your local library or buy the books. Then read them at home, or when you’re on the treadmill at the gym.

(You can also listen to audio books on CD in your car while you are stuck in traffic, or on your iPod while working out at the gym or taking a walk around your neighborhood.)

I also recommend that you subscribe to industry magazines related to your subject of interest. And visit our blog regularly, at

You can even attend live seminars about your subject of interest, that are conducted by industry experts.

Whatever subject you want to learn about, I challenge you to commit to doing it today.

Then pick a new subject about money and your finances each month, and commit to learning about that subject.

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