Comparison Shop with RedLaser

Wish you could go in any store, see how much an item is, then see how much it is online, or even in your local area?

Well you can, with a cool app I found called RedLaser.

It’s free, and you can use it on your iPhone or your Android phone or tablet.

Here’s how to use RedLaser today:

1) Go to the App Store or Google Play, then download and install RedLaser.

2) Make sure you have a cell or WiFi signal.

3) Open RedLaser.

4) To scan a barcode on an item, press the red Scan button with the lightning bolt.

5) Align the barcode within the arrows.

6) RedLaser will scan for that item, and give you online results or how much the item is at stores in your local area.

If you love to “shop around” for the best prices, RedLaser will soon become your best friend.

Then share this post with your best friends, so they can start using RedLaser to comparison shop, too.

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