Crowded Refrigerator Costing You?

How stuffed is your refrigerator? If your fridge is like mine, there are all kinds of things in the doors, the drawers a full and shelves are packed.

Can an overcrowded refrigerator cost you money? Absolutely.

It’s a fact that without proper air flow, the compressors in your fridge has to work overtime to keep things cold. Which means reducing its life, and having to go to the big box store to get another one much earlier than you would have if you kept it clean and clear.

To help you declutter your fridge here are 10 things that do not have to be refrigerated.

1. Onions

2. Lemons and Limes

3. Batteries

4. Bananas

5. Tomatoes

6. Bread

7. Coffee

8. Potatoes

9. Garlic

10. Hot sauce

According to the Food Network, putting some of these foods in the fridge will make them undergo “strange changes” in taste and texture, too. Potentially ruining dishes you prepare.

In addition to that, when your refrigerator is super-crowded, it’s easy to forget what you have. And it’s easy for many things to get pushed back on shelves and buried in drawers.

Then when you start digging through it all, you discover some of it has gone bad. Costing you even more on food you don’t even use.

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