Do You Have a “Gotcha” For 2015?

Well, first off…what is a Gotcha? I call a financial goal a “Gotcha.”

What is that one big thing you want to do financially this year? The one thing you can achieve that when you achieve it, you can say out loud…I Gotcha!

Here is an example of a Gotcha…

Let’s say you want to purchase your first home. Write down on a piece of paper: Buy my first home.

Next, write down the date you would like to achieve this by.

After you set your Gotcha, you will need what I call an Action. An action is a specific task you will do to achieve your Gotcha.

So in this case, your Action should be to research the kind of home you want to buy…the location, number of bedrooms, lot size and price.

Then to make it all work, you will need a “Just Do It.”

A Just Do It is one task you will do in the next 24 hours that will get you your Gotcha.

An example of this would be to meet with three Realtors in your area about your home buying plans.

Remember: Action…Just Do It…I Gotcha!

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