Doing “Date Night” On a Budget

No matter how long you’ve been married or with your partner, it’s always good to plan for “date nights” on a regular basis.

With the daily stresses and busyness we all live with, you owe it to yourself and your sweetie to spend some quality time together.

But how do you have a nice date night, if you’re stressed out about your finances, and don’t really have too much you can afford to spend?

Well I have 5 tips for you today, that will enable you to have a nice date night (or date day) together, while still sticking to your budget.

Date Night Tip 1) Go on a Kayak trip down a river or at the beach.

Getting out into nature is not only beautiful, it can be a big stress reliever. With the gentle breezes and sounds of nature, you’ll see how a simple kayak trip can be very romantic.

Date Night Tip 2) Volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter.

Having quality time together, while giving your time to a worthy cause, will make you feel great. Done regularly, you can spread the love to many different causes or charities in your area. Giving the gift of giving can be very rewarding to any relationship.

Date Night Tip 3) Have a nice dinner out while leaving the kids with a relative or friend.

It’s often a big ordeal to plan to go out with the entire family. If you can get a family member or close friend to watch over your kids for a few hours, the quiet time with you and your honey over a romantic dinner will be nice.

Date Night Tip 4) Pack a dinner and enjoy the best view in your area.

There’s nothing like a quiet dinner, while sitting at the ocean, being at the beach, or gazing at the views of the mountains or even the center of your city from a natural park. There is so much around you when you step out of your home. It’s up to you to get out there and enjoy it.

Date Night Tip 5) Go to a wine or beer tasting night.

If you and your partner enjoy a nice wine or beer, nothing is more fun than getting the chance to taste many different varieties. You’ll meet like-minded people, and you can discover your new favorite cabernet or German wheat beer while you’re there.

The intent of these tips is to get you thinking about all the possibilities right in your area, to do something different and enjoyable that may have been right under your nose for a long, long time.

And to do date nights on a regular basis. So you can spend more quiet time with the one you love. And spice up your life without blowing your budget.

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