Fighting For Your Money

Fighting For Your MoneyIt’s important to get fit, and stay fit. When I say fit, I mean Financial Fitness. You see, we need to prepare ourselves for one of the biggest fights of our lives… the fight for our money.

I learned a great lesson from my wife, as I listened to her fight for our money over the phone with a utility company. It seemed like an all out brawl.

After she got off the phone, I asked her how much money was in dispute. She said, “Five dollars!”

How many of us fight for even the smallest amounts that we feel we might be owed? We’re talking about mistakes we’ve been overcharged for, and mistakes in our bills or credit card statements. How many of us take the time and have the courage to dispute a fee or charge we are not comfortable with?

I can tell you, not many. Most just say “it’s only a few dollars, it’s not worth it”… and just write the check.

I suggest you get yourself into combat mode for every dollar you worked hard for. If you do it now for the small stuff, you will find that you’re in shape when you have to get a big mistake corrected.

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