Finding “Diamonds” at Garage Sales

Ever watch Pawn Stars or American Pickers on TV?

If you do, you’ve seen these scenarios play out again and again…

Someone comes in the pawn shop to make some cash on something they don’t need anymore. They are expecting that they may walk away with $200-$300 bucks, a little extra cash in their pockets.

When they step up to speak with one of the Harrisons or even Chum Lee, they hand over the item. Then the clerk asks them… “how much are you looking to get out of this?” Then the customer says… “I was thinking 2 or 3 hundred bucks.”

As always, the pawn shop staff member has to call in an expert to see what the piece is worth, so they don’t lose money on the deal.

When the expert arrives and looks over the item, they ask the customer what they think it’s worth, and the customer tells them 2 or 3 hundred dollars.

Then the expert surprises the customer and the Harrisons when he lets them know this item is rare and valuable. And tells them at auction, the item could bring in $15,000!

Next, the staff member asks the customer… “where did you find that, and what did you pay?” And the customer says…. “I found it at a garage sale. And I paid $5 for it.”

The same thing happens on American Pickers, when a property owner says he paid $50 for that old wagon he found at a garage sale. Being a good guy, Mike tells them… “Well I have to let you know, that old wagon is an antique, and is really worth $7,500. So will you take 5 grand for it?”

These people never realized they found “diamonds” at a garage sale, but they did.

And so can you. Whenever you have some spare time, take the kids and go on a “garage sale” hunt. You never know what kind of “diamonds” you’ll find, that someone is only asking $5 for.

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