Finding Lost Savings Bonds

Savings bonds are popular way to not only save some cash, but earn interest too.

Many people use them to add additional savings, after they have maxed out their cap of $20,000 a year that you can add to your IRA or 401k.

When you cash in savings bonds, you won’t pay any state or local taxes, either. And you can cash them in anytime you want, regardless of your age. Plus, they are safe, being backed by the US government.

If you think you bought savings bonds, or someone in your family did, but you just can’t find the documentation to claim them, you’re in luck.

The US government offers a service called “Treasury Hunt”… that you can use to look up ownership of any savings bonds issued in 1974 or later. All you need is your name and social security number to do the search.

You can access the Treasure Hunt System here:

If you think you, a family member or even a passed family member may have savings bonds purchased before 1974, you’re still in luck.

Just use Form 1048 available from the US government at:

You’ll enter the name of the person (or yours) who may have purchased savings bonds, including the appropriate social security number. Include the approximate date you think the bonds were purchased.

You may just find bonds that are still earning interest, or bonds that have matured and are ready to be cashed in.

In either case, you’ll be able to locate an asset you or your family may have thought was lost for good.

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