Finding Secret Discounts Online

Shopping online is one of the greatest conveniences of the Internet age. You can shop from literally thousands of stores and sellers, and have everything delivered to your door.

But what’s really great about shopping online is how easy it is to get discounts.

We’re talking discounts, sales, coupon codes and promo codes for the products you’re looking for, and for other related products you want. You’ll even find discounts on shipping for some stores.

Want to know a secret about getting discounts online?

There are a lot more discounts to be had, than just the ones you see when you visit a store’s website. That’s right.

So how do you find these secret discounts online? Just open up Google, and start searching for “promo codes” and “coupon codes” for the stores where you like to shop. It’s really that easy.

For example, today I did these simple searches on Google for the 7 stores below.

And here’s what I found in about 10 minutes:

  • Amazon48 promotions, including 39 sales, 6 coupon codes, and even 3 free shipping codes.
  • Big Lots8 discount promo codes, and even 10 expired promotions (that may still be valid.)
  • Home Depot77 coupons, including 1 discount promo code and 71 sale items.
  • Toys R Us34 promotional coupons, with an average savings of $15 each.
  • Macy’s67 discount promotions, including 9 promo codes and 47 sale items.
  • Whole Foods 16 discount coupon codes, 2 sales, 2 free shipping deals.
  • Target6 coupon codes, 10 sales, 31 special deals.

Remember, don’t ignore the “expired” codes, either. Many of them may still be valid. Just click the button to reveal the code to find out if you can still use them.

So the next time you need to go shopping, be sure to search for coupon and promo codes for your favorite online stores. Then place your order and save a boatload of cash.

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