Finding Unclaimed Money

Have you ever wondered what happened to your money that was in an old checking or savings account? Or what about the security deposit from an apartment you lived in 10 years ago?

Well there is good reason to ask. Because there is over $32 Billion in unclaimed property, assets and cash in the United States.

You see, banks and businesses are required by law to turn over money from idle bank accounts, security deposits, insurance refunds and uncashed overtime paychecks.

To find out if you have hidden money waiting for you, just go to

This is a Free website that links you directly to the right online department in any state.

All you need to do is type in your name and hit search. (And be sure to try all of the names you are known by.)

I tried this and didn’t find any unclaimed money for me. But I found $200 for my neighbor Winter…in less than 2 minutes of searching.

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