Four eWallet Solutions Explained

In my previous post this week, I talked about why you should never use a debit card to make purchases online. Now let’s explore 4 different eWallet options you can use to make purchases.

1. by Visa.

This eWallet solution allows you to safely and easily click on the button, enter your email and password, and make your payment. You can tie it into one or all of your credit cards, and you will receive all of the bonus points or miles you are entitled to.

2. Amazon Payments.

You can use the information stored in your Amazon account to login and pay conveniently on thousands of websites. It’s a fast and secure way to buy, whether online or over the phone.

3. PayPal.

The leader in 3rd party payment processing, PayPal allows you to pay online with just an email and password. You can even use PayPal in person and in stores. For example, if you forgot your wallet and you are at a restaurant, you can use the PayPal app to make a payment.


This is like the international version of PayPal. It’s free to set up an account, it’s accepted globally and will link to your various bank, debit or credit card accounts.

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