Frugal Summer Wardrobe Update Tips

Would you like to update your wardrobe for summer? Well here are 5 frugal tips to help you look great on a budget…

#1: Dig deep into your closets and dressers to find those hidden articles of clothing that have not been used for a while. Since you may have even forgot you own them, these clothes will feel like they are brand new.

#2: Swap with friends or family members that have similar tastes in clothing.

#3: Sell clothing you no longer use or that you have in storage. Use auction sites for best results, or you can always have a trusty yard sale. Then take the cash you make to go on a shopping spree (see #4).

#4: Shop at thrift stores and the flea market. Chances are good that you’ll find a gem or two “on the cheap.”

#5: Shop at outlet stores. To maximize your savings, always look for sales and discounts at the outlets.

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