Get A Better Seat Without Paying

Are you planning on flying this summer? If you are, you may already know that the seats and leg room in coach are getting smaller and smaller each year.

To help you from getting cramped up in coach on your next flight, here are 5 tips to getting a better seat without paying.

1. Consult with This website has tons of great information on all airlines, along with handy seat maps for each plane.

2. If you’re stuck in the middle seat, set up a free account with Their free service will alert you by email when a window or aisle seat becomes available.

3. Do you know someone with elite status? If you do, have them call their special phone number and see if they can get a favor from the rep over the phone. For this to work, they need to have a preferred status level with that airline.

4. Check in 24 hours before the flight. Just about all airlines allow you to check in online and select your seats. This is when most seats become available.

5. Politely ask a ticketing agent for a better seat. Your chances of this working increase if you smile and are really nice to them.

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