Get a Home Warranty Contract Free

Are you planning to purchase a new home this summer?

According to, 50% of all home sales take place during the summer months. When buying a new home, there many things you need to do, like negotiating the purchase price, getting qualified for a mortgage and filling out piles of paperwork.

All of these things are important. But there is one thing that is often overlooked, that could save you thousands of dollars. And best of all, you can get it for free…

A Home Warranty contract.

When I bought my first home, I asked the seller to pay to get one for us. And guess what happened… our stove went out within 30 days of closing on the home, and the home warranty covered the replacement.

A basic home warranty will cover most of the major things like plumbing, stove and oven, garbage disposal, water heater, electrical components, ceiling fans and more.

To get it free, all you need to do is have your realtor put a request in the purchase contract for the seller to pay for a quality home warranty, from a reputable company.

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