Giving YOUR Assets to the State?

Have you heard the term ‘Get a Life?” Well my tip for you today is this… I suggest you “Get a Will.”

Simply put, a Will is a legal document that will give you control over who gets your property and assets. If you have minor children, your will can even dictate who will care for them in case something happens to you.

If you don’t have a Will, when you die, the state will control how your assets are distributed. Most times it will not be the best thing for your family. There are also significant tax implications if you do not have a will in place.

So how do you get a Will if you don’t have one now? There are software programs you can purchase for a low cost, or you can use websites like If your estate is substantial and/or complex, I suggest you contact a local estate planning attorney to assist you.

After your Will is done, one of the last things you need to do is get your Will in the hands of an executor or financial advisor. They will ensure your wishes are carried out according to your plan.

Planning ahead will make sure your assets go to the people you want them to go to. And your family won’t have to go through the stressful and lengthy dealings with the State’s “probate” court process.

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