Good Money – Bad Money

Today we’re taking a look at all of our financial accounts that earn interest. We call that Good Money. ¬†And all of our financial accounts that we pay interest on, which we call Bad Money.


In the graphic above, you can see that the average return on our “Good Money” is a meager 3%, and the “Bad Money” is a negative 10%. That’s a 13-point spread.

Today, your job is to think about how much your Good Money is helping you. And how much your Bad Money is hurting you.

Then take a personal inventory of your financial accounts to see where you stand today. Because knowing where you stand is half of the battle when taking control of your finances.

To help you do that, you can download a no-cost worksheet called “Good Money – Bad Money” at

Taking this advice to heart will enable you to take another step toward achieving Financial Peace of Mind for you and your family.

Remember, every dollar counts!

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