How Savvy Online Shoppers Save Money

When you are shopping online, have you ever wondered if the product you want to buy may drop in price after you buy it?

I’m sure most of us have, then we end up playing the guessing game of “should I get it now, or should I wait?”

Well you won’t be playing the guessing game anymore. Because I recently found a great website called

PoachIt is simple to use, and allows you to track the price of any product you find online. Just find the product, and PoachIt will alert you by email if the price drops.

For example… I want to track a 50 inch LED TV I like. All I need to do is add to my bookmarks, then go to the product page that I want to track.

Then I just click on the bookmark and it starts tracking it for me automatically.

PoachIt will even find and display any coupon codes that work for your chosen product. So you can “poach” what you want, and save a pile of cash.

Best of all, you can use all you want, at no cost.

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