How to Check Out Your Stock Broker

Do you have a stockbroker or financial advisor?

If you do, did you do a background check before hiring them?

Well if you haven’t you are not alone. 70% of investors never do background checks. Which is living dangerously.

With scammers like Bernie Madoff running around Wall Street, it never hurts to check up on your advisor.

Here is an important tip for doing a background check on your broker or advisor…

Go to

All you need to do is enter your broker’s name and your zip code. You will get instant access to a full PDF report that tells you:

– If the broker is registered in your state.

– If they have reports of negative disclosures.

– All about your broker’s experience and work history.

– And exactly what your broker is allowed to do.

BrokerCheck is a free service provided by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, better known as FINRA.

This organization oversees people and firms that sell stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Protect yourself. Look into your broker or advisor today.

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