How To Get Your Rental History Report

How To Get Your Rental History ReportIf you are a tenant and pay rent to a landlord, chances are you could be in the database for renters.

Many landlords, including the larger ones, may report you to a third-party agency that maintains a database of rental information. These agencies keeps track of your rental history, similar to that of your credit history.

This tenant database tracks things such as payment history, notes from previous landlords, past evictions, criminal records and an assessment of your rental risk level.

Some landlords request this report on all of their potential renters.

There are 3 main agencies that provide reports to landlords:

– LexisNexis Screen Solutions
– Experian RentBureau
– Core Logic SafeRent

I suggest you contact each agency to get a free copy of your file. You are entitled to 1 free report from each agency every 12 months.

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