How to Haggle For Better Deals

How to Haggle For Better DealsAccording to Consumer Reports, haggling on these 8 items will give you the best chances of successfully getting a better deal, and saving money…

1. Appliances – The average savings is $200.

2. Jewelry – An average of $150 saved.

3. Furniture – An average savings of $300.

4. Collectibles & Antiques – An average savings of $100.

5. Electronics Purchases – Can bring you $200 in savings.

6. Cell Phone Plans – An average savings of $80.

7. Bank and Credit Card Fees – This can save you $100.

8. Medical/Dental Bills – You can save an average of $300.

It’s important to note that in order to get the best results haggling for deals…

You should speak directly to the person with the power to give you a discount. And always be willing to walk away from a deal.

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