How To Increase Your Take Home Pay

How To Increase Your Take Home PayNow that the dreaded tax season is upon us, it’s time to evaluate your tax situation. Today’s tip is for all of you who get a tax refund every year.

What getting a refund really means is that you are overpaying on your taxes each and every paycheck. So basically you are giving Uncle Sam an interest free loan with your money.

Here is what you can do about it… while increasing the cash you take home every week.

Fill out a new W-4 form and do either of the following two things.

1) Decrease any additional amount you are having withheld…

2) Increase the number of allowances you claim. After you finish filling out this form, give it to your employer.

You can change your W-4 at anytime of the year, and the changes should take effect on your next paycheck.

It’s IMPORTANT to know that you should put this “extra” money to work for you. Use it to pay off debt, and do not blow it on stuff!

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