How to Retire Early and Retire Rich

How to Retire Early and Retire RichHere’s a question I get frequently. How can I retire early? Over the past 11 years that I have been coaching people on their financial lives, I have seen many who were able to retire in their early 50’s.

Here are 5 things I learned from those who were able to retire early and retire rich…

#1: They all had a detailed financial plan with written goals. And each of their goals were tied to a specific date.

#2: They took advantage of their employer’s retirement plan and took advantage of the matching bonus.

#3: They know their life numbers. They know what their budget is every month, and have financial projections going out at least a year.

#4: They have very little debt, or no debt at all. They used the money that used to go to debt, to build more wealth faster.

#5: They have a diversified investment portfolio. Not just being invested in different stocks and mutual funds, but many have rental “income properties” too.

Building retirement wealth isn’t difficult. Many have done it before you. It just takes focus, planning and commitment.

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